Is Lee-Ann Liebenberg off the

Emily Kark accepts Lee-Ann Liebenberg’s apology. Image via Instagram @nickyvanderwalt.

Is Lee-Ann Liebenberg off the hook for her claims against Emily Kark?

Apology accepted! Emily Kark has accepted Lee-Ann Liebenberg’s public apology after she was called out for supposedly being Nicky’s ‘other woman.’

Is Lee-Ann Liebenberg off the

Emily Kark accepts Lee-Ann Liebenberg’s apology. Image via Instagram @nickyvanderwalt.

Emily Kark has accepted Lee-Ann Liebenberg’s apology after being publicly called out for having an affair with the model’s husband, Nicky Van Der Walt on 2 July. 

It’s been a full week of back and forth between Lee-Ann Liebenberg, Nicky Van Der Walt and Emily Kark. Last Friday, Liebenberg took to her Instagram story to publicly call out Kark for allegedly having an affair with her husband. 

“I have not been hacked…Emily_Kark, you can have him,” wrote Liebenberg on Instagram.

Screenshot from Lee Ann Liebenberg’s Instagram. Image via Twitter @raessarazak.

In a follow-up Instagram story Liebenberg said that she and her husband have decided to go their separate ways after ten years of marriage. Nicky Van Der Walt then took to Instagram to respond to his wife’s claims by saying that they are not getting divorced. However, Liebenberg is going through postpartum depression after recently giving birth to their three month old son, Jagger. 

Screenshot from Nicky Van Der Walt Instagram. Image via Twitter @mvelaseP.

Emily Kark did not take the claims made against her lightly. While the couple were asking for privacy and taking social media breaks, Kark took legal action against the model for defamation. This led to Liebenberg issuing a public apology to Kark via her Instagram story.

“I retract and apologise to Emily Kark for the allegations I made about her on 2 July 2021 on my Instagram page,” wrote Liebenberg on Instagram.


Ulrich Roux Associates, the legal team of Kark, released a statement saying that she has accepted Liebenberg’s apology and has moved on. It seems the model is off the hook.

“We confirm that Ms Lee-Ann Liebenberg (“Liebenberg”) made baseless, dishonest and defamatory claims on social media about Ms Kark on 2 July 2021.  Said claims were devoid of any merit and made with the sole intention of causing reputational harm to Ms Kark, who was forced to seek urgent legal assistance in order to protect her reputation and dignity,” according to the statement. 

“Ms Kark accepts the apology and retraction of Liebenberg, regards this matter as being finalised and will not be making any statements to the media . She is now putting this incident behind her and returning to her life with her family,” according to the statement.