Ireland Baldwin on Kendall Jenner tattoo

Image via Instagram Stories

Kendall Jenner, is that you? Ireland Baldwin clears up tattoo confusion

The Internet is convinced Ireland Baldwin inked a naked image of Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, Kendall Jenner, on her arm.

Ireland Baldwin on Kendall Jenner tattoo

Image via Instagram Stories

Ireland Baldwin has shown off her latest tattoo – and it’s her most daring one to date. The only issue is that the Internet is convinced the ink is of fellow model Kendall Jenner.

The model and daughter of actors Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger took to her Instagram account to share pics of her new ink, etched on the sleeve of her upper arm.

“Thank you @parkermidnight for bringing her to life”, the red-haired star captioned the pics of a tattoo bearing a nude woman.


As beautiful as the piece of art was, it also looked a little familiar. Ireland’s fans were convinced that the woman in the tattoo bore a striking resemblance to fellow model Kendall Jenner.

“Who else thought this was Kendall Jenner?” asked one follower, whilst another asked outright: “You are so beautiful, why would you tattoo a pic of Kendall Jenner?”

Ireland has refuted the bizarre rumours, claiming that it was a total coincidence!

She said in her Instagram Story: “My tattoo isn’t Kendall Jenner. She’s beautiful though so I’ll take it… but it’s actually an illustration that was done in the 60s”.

She even showed off a pic of her inspiration.

Ireland Baldwin denied the woman in her tattoo was Kendall Jenner – Image via Instagram Stories


Kendall Jenner or not, dad Alec Baldwin is not a fan of her latest ink, of which she has at least two dozen known ones.

“NO!”, the veteran screen star and dad of seven said under the pic of her post.

The 25-year-old star clearly does not care about his opinion. In another Instagram Story, she hit out at haters of her body art.

“Also, I love my tattoos and I’m going to keep getting them because it’s my body, life’s short, and it’s none of your business. Also… you thought I was trying to look a certain way for YOU?”

Ireland Baldwin has a message for her haters. Image via Instagram Stories