Actress Zendaya. Image: Instagram via @nicekicks

Actress Zendaya. Image: Instagram via @nicekicks

Zendaya’s journey from Hollywood glamour to Wellness Advocacy

Zendaya, the renowned Hollywood star, surprised many by delving into the world of wellness advocacy during a recent meeting in Los Angeles.

Actress Zendaya. Image: Instagram via @nicekicks

Actress Zendaya. Image: Instagram via @nicekicks

In a surprising turn of events, Hollywood sensation Zendaya has recently stepped into the world of wellness advocacy, leaving fans both intrigued and inspired.


The scene? A loft-like space in Los Angeles, where she found herself in a surreal setting. Executives and wellness enthusiasts alike surrounded her.

The meeting, hosted by the sibling duo behind WalkGood LA, kicked off with an unconventional icebreaker: sticking out tongues and sighing loudly.

Even Zendaya, renowned for her poise, couldn’t hide her surprise, according to Vogue.

“I didn’t know what to expect,” she confessed.

She later added, “But what an icebreaker—I was filled with anxiety before I arrived.”

But why the sudden shift from red carpets to mindfulness circles?


Zendaya’s journey into wellness stems from a personal battle with anxiety, a struggle she’s not afraid to acknowledge.

“When I’m not working, I tend to isolate myself,” she revealed.

“My therapist, family, and friends will tell me, ‘You need to get up and get out,’ and I never want to.

But when I make myself do it, I realize it’s actually kind of nice.”


Partnering with the Swiss athletic brand On might seem unexpected for someone not known for a rigorous workout routine.

For Zendaya, it’s about more than just exercise, according to Canberra Times.

“As I get older, I want to be more intentional about the things that I choose to do with my time and the brands I work with,” she explained.

“They’re already doing the work—I don’t have to tell them to make it more inclusive or more meaningful—they are already doing that.

It inspires me; I want to support what they’re doing.”


The collaboration with On extends beyond fashion; it’s about promoting sustainability and mental well-being, according to Head In The Game.

“They have dyes that are made by sucking pollution out of the sky, and shoes made from castor beans, which can fully decompose,”

Zendaya enthused. “I don’t want to be just making stuff for the sake of it and adding to what’s already out there.

I like that they’re using all the science available to be sustainable.”

But Zendaya’s journey isn’t just about endorsing brands; it’s about sharing her struggles and encouraging others to prioritise self-care.


“Sometimes it’s just getting out of bed, telling myself, ‘We’re facing the day: we’re taking a shower.

We’re putting on real clothes, we’re seeing some sunshine,’” she shared.

“I try to set little challenges for myself.”

Her message is simple yet powerful: wellness isn’t reserved for the privileged few; it’s a journey accessible to all.

“I think for most people, it’s not always easy to go on a several-mile run every morning.


Sometimes it’s hard to do even the little things to take care of yourself,” Zendaya reflected.

“It helps to feel like you’re not the only one.”

As she sat in the meditation room, surrounded by like-minded individuals, Zendaya couldn’t help but acknowledge the significance of her newfound advocacy.

“Listen—I’m just learning the importance of breath work and meditation now,” she confessed.


“I’ve been living on a set and working since I was a kid, but it’s never been something that was accessible to me.

I was just going, going, going, going, going. I feel like I’ve been holding my breath for a very long time.”

With Zendaya’s star power and commitment to wellness, one thing’s for certain: this unexpected journey is just getting started.