Nara Smith and Onezwa Mbola. Image: Instagram via @naraaziza and @entertainmentsa

Nara Smith and Onezwa Mbola. Image: Instagram via @naraaziza and @entertainmentsa

TikTok star Nara Smith accused of stealing Onezwa Mbola’s content

South African TikTok creator Onezwa Mbola has accused fellow TikTok star Nara Smith of copying her unique cooking content to gain views.

Nara Smith and Onezwa Mbola. Image: Instagram via @naraaziza and @entertainmentsa

Nara Smith and Onezwa Mbola. Image: Instagram via @naraaziza and @entertainmentsa

In the ever-evolving world of TikTok, drama is never far away. This time, it involves popular creators Nara Smith and Onezwa Mbola.

South African creator Mbola has accused Smith of pilfering her cooking content to gain views and profit.


The allegations have sent ripples through the TikTok community. This has sparked debates and drawn lines between fans.

Onezwa Mbola is celebrated for her unique cooking style with foraged and farm-grown ingredients.

In a now-deleted TikTok video, she claimed a “very popular content creator” had been using her ideas without credit.

She did not name Smith directly, but fans quickly connected the dots, according to The Shade Room.

Onezwa said, “For four months now I have watched a very popular content creator use my ideas.


They’ve continuously used my ideas to get views.”

The crux of Onezwa’s frustration lies in the monetary disparity.

TikTok creators in South Africa do not have access to the platform’s Creator Fund, which pays based on views.

Instead, they rely on brand collaborations for income, according to The Express Tribune.

Onezwa expressed her dismay, “I am very disheartened because she’s making thousands of dollars in views.


I am lucky to get a brand collaboration every three months.”

The controversy reached a boiling point over a recent boba tea video.

Onezwa had posted a video making boba tea from scratch, and soon after, Smith posted a similar video.

“I was so very, very, very proud of that video,” Onezwa shared.

“A day later, Nara Smith made a boba video… it’s a coincidence that happens very often, so is it really a coincidence?”


Nara Smith, a TikTok star known for her detailed cooking videos, has a massive following.

The 22-year-old is originally from South Africa but is now living in Los Angeles, according to The Cut.

She shares her culinary creations with her 7.8 million followers.

Her style is polished and idyllic, often featuring her minimalist LA kitchen and charming family life.

Smith, however, denies any wrongdoing.


Nara Smith responded in an Instagram comment, “I’ve never seen her videos nor do I follow her. I’m not the first or last person to make boba.”

But TikTok sleuths were quick to counter this claim.

Screenshots surfaced showing Smith had previously commented on one of Onezwa’s videos, praising her content.

The allegations didn’t end there.

Onezwa tweeted that Smith was threatening to sue her for defamation.

Smith’s representative denied these claims, calling the alleged email a fabrication.


Fans of both creators have taken sides. Some believe Onezwa’s claims, citing the similarities in content and style.

Others support Nara Smith, arguing that the accusations are baseless.

One TikTok user commented, “This is not only about the recipes, that soft tone in her videos? That’s Onezwa’s vibe.”

Despite the drama, both creators continue to post content. Smith remains unfazed, continuing to share her from-scratch recipes.

Onezwa, though disheartened, also persists in showcasing her farm-to-table creations.

The TikTok community watches closely, waiting to see how this drama unfolds.

Will the accusations lead to any changes, or will they fade away as just another TikTok controversy?