The Braxton sisters. Image: Instagram via @vosa_we

The Braxton sisters. Image: Instagram via @vosa_we

The Braxtons return to television to honour Traci Braxton

The Braxton family, known for their reality TV series is returning to WE tv to honour Traci Braxton following her tragic passing.

The Braxton sisters. Image: Instagram via @vosa_we

The Braxton sisters. Image: Instagram via @vosa_we

Fans of Braxton Family Values thought the show was over for good. Tamar Braxton’s public fallout with WE tv and her struggles seemed to seal the deal.

She felt misrepresented, unhappy, and overwhelmed.


After a very public departure, Tamar’s exit looked like the end of an era for the Braxton sisters on reality TV.

Tamar wasn’t just dealing with network issues, according to Urbanbelle Magazine.

Her personal life was in turmoil too. Her relationship with David Adefeso was rocky.

Additionally, she wasn’t on good terms with her sister, Traci.

Their clashes were frequent and heated, both on and off the screen.

Many fans believed that leaving the show was necessary for the sisters to heal and rebuild their relationships.


But life took a tragic turn, according to People.

After Braxton Family Values was cancelled, Traci passed away from cancer. The news shocked fans and deeply affected her family.

Towanda, in particular, voiced her regret about the show’s end. She believed their family’s story was far from over, especially their journey through grief.

Her wish for a return didn’t go unheard. WE tv recently unveiled a new series, The Braxtons.

This show promises to delve into the personal and professional lives of Tamar, Towanda, Trina, Toni, and their mother, Evelyn Braxton.


Set to premiere this August, the series aims to honour Traci’s memory and her final wish.

The trailer for The Braxtons is both emotional and compelling, according to Variety.

Toni Braxton opens up, saying, “The main reason for doing ‘The Braxtons’ again is because of Traci.”

Evelyn Braxton adds, “She asked us to do this. This was her last wish.”


These heartfelt declarations set the tone for the series, emphasising the importance of family and legacy.

Towanda also shares her perspective. “I think it’s important for us to return to tell Traci’s story,” she says.

This return isn’t just about reliving past dramas but celebrating Traci’s life and passion. It’s a tribute to a sister who loved the spotlight, even when it caused friction with her siblings.

In the past, Traci enthusiasm for filming was evident.

She loved being a part of Braxton Family Values. This passion sometimes put her at odds with her sisters, especially when they boycotted for higher pay.


Traci’s decision to keep filming highlighted her dedication to the show and her fans.

The new series promises to offer a mix of raw emotions and heartfelt moments.

It will showcase how the Braxtons cope with their loss and continue to support each other.

Fans can expect to see the sisters navigate their challenges while honouring Traci’s legacy.

Tamar, who previously stepped away from the limelight, is making a significant return.


Her involvement in The Braxtons shows her commitment to her family and her desire to fulfil Traci’s last wish.

This new chapter offers Tamar a chance to rebuild and reconnect with her sisters.

Trina and Toni also bring their unique perspectives to the show.

As established artists, their journeys through grief and professional commitments will be intriguing to watch.


Evelyn Braxton, the matriarch, continues to be the family’s anchor, providing wisdom and strength.

The Braxtons is more than just a reality show comeback. It’s a heartfelt tribute to a beloved sister and a testament to the power of family.

This August, fans will witness a touching journey of love, loss, and resilience. The sisters are ready to share their story once more, honouring Traci’s memory every step of the way.