President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron. Image: Instagram via @quiencom

President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron. Image: Instagram via @quiencom

The Biden-Macron State dinner: A night to remember

French President Emmanuel Macron in honour of US President Joe Biden, celebrated the enduring alliance between France and the United States.

President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron. Image: Instagram via @quiencom

President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron. Image: Instagram via @quiencom

The Elysee Palace shone brightly on Saturday night as French President Emmanuel Macron hosted a lavish state dinner for US President Joe Biden.


This grand event celebrated the enduring relationship between France and the United States.

Notable guests from Hollywood, fashion, and politics graced the occasion, but it was a newly-wed World War II veteran who stole the spotlight.

The evening began with the Macrons welcoming the Bidens on the red carpet, according to Daily Mail.

Both first ladies dressed to impress, with Jill Biden in a stunning blue velvet gown and Brigitte Macron in a sleek white sheath.


The presidents, in their dark suits and ties, exuded diplomatic elegance. The dinner took place in the opulent ballroom of the Elysee Palace.

Massive chandeliers and the flags of both nations set a majestic scene, according to the New York Post.

Among the high-profile attendees were singer Pharrell Williams, actors Salma Hayek and Léa Seydoux, and tennis legend John McEnroe.

Political heavyweights like former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and French fashion mogul Bernard Arnault were there.

François-Henri Pinault also made notable appearances.


But the highlight of the evening was the presence of 100-year-old Harold Terens, a D-Day veteran, and his 96-year-old bride Jeanne Swerlin.

They had tied the knot earlier that day near the Normandy beaches, according to CBS News.

This made their appearance at the state dinner particularly poignant.

President Macron gave them a special shoutout during his toast, saying, “Let us congratulate the young newlyweds.

We’re very pleased to be here for your wedding dinner.”

The dinner was a testament to the strong ties between the US and France.


“France was our first ally and that’s not insignificant,” Biden remarked during his toast.

“The fact of the matter is you were with us to help us secure our freedom and we were with you 170 years later to do the same.

And ever since, we’ve remained united, unyielding, as well as unwavering in our partnership.”

The presidents had earlier marked the 80th anniversary of D-Day on the Normandy beaches.

He commemorated the historic moment when Allied forces began the liberation of Europe from Nazi Germany.


Bidenand Macron’s discussions during the visit also covered pressing issues.

These issues included the conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine, trade tensions, and the fight against climate change.

Despite the serious topics, the evening maintained a celebratory tone.

Pharrell Williams, dressed in blue jeans and a white cowboy hat, added a touch of casual charm.

Salma Hayek turned heads in a black ballgown with a billowing skirt and a see-through lace top.


The blend of high fashion and relaxed attire highlighted the unique blend of cultures and styles that characterised the event.

The state dinner was more than just a political gathering; it was a celebration of friendship, history, and shared values.

It underscored the importance of the Franco-American alliance and the personal connections that continue to strengthen it.

As Biden put it, “Proud to be here. A great honour.”

With a backdrop of historical significance and an air of festivity, the dinner at the Elysee Palace was a night to remember.