Snoop Dogg at the Olympic Trials. Image: Instagram via @HypeBeast

Snoop Dogg at the Olympic Trials. Image: Instagram via @HypeBeast

Snoop Dogg has fans in stitches with Olympic trials commentary

Rapper Snoop Dogg delighted fans with his hilarious commentary at the U.S. Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon.

Snoop Dogg at the Olympic Trials. Image: Instagram via @HypeBeast

Snoop Dogg at the Olympic Trials. Image: Instagram via @HypeBeast

Snoop Dogg is known for his iconic music and laid-back persona, but this time, he left fans in stitches with his unexpected commentary skills at the U.S. Olympic Trials.


The rapper made a surprise appearance at the Track & Field Trials in Eugene, Oregon. His hilarious take on the events quickly became a viral sensation.

On the second day of the trials at Hayward Field, Snoop grabbed the microphone and began his unique commentary.

Dressed in his signature dark sunglasses, he brought his trademark humour and charisma to the event.

As athletes prepared to compete, Snoop’s colourful play-by-play had everyone laughing, according to The Express Tribune.


“What we’re about to see right now, they ’bout to get to dipping, riding, slipping, and hopefully not swallowing jump over this hurdle,” Snoop quipped.

His lively commentary continued as he watched the runners navigate the course.

When one runner splashed into a puddle, Snoop couldn’t contain his excitement.

“Uh, in the water, get up outta there! Oh, they coming behind him seven, eight deep like horses. I love it.”

The rapper’s candid observations didn’t stop there, according to NBC.


Noticing an athlete perform a unique move, Snoop exclaimed, “Oh, he’s jumping on the top of the hurdle.

You can do that? That was a cool trick right there. I like that one.”

But Snoop wasn’t just there to talk. He also took to the track himself, showing off his speed in a 200m dash.

Wearing a custom bib number, he sprinted down the track, much to the delight of the spectators.

Fans on social media couldn’t get enough of Snoop’s latest gig.


After The Shade Room shared clips of his commentary, Instagram users flooded the comments with praise and amusement.

One user, @ayookevo803, remarked, “Unc gon give you a whole different perspective about the sport.”

Another @leonrossonehunnit, noted, “Snoop Dogg has done everything hood guys typically don’t go & I love that for him!”

Others appreciated Snoop’s versatility and humour. @hackneysfinest joked, “Another Snoop side quest completed.”


@cg3music suggested, “Snoop’s commentary will always be hilarious, but we need Katt Williams on that field.”

The love for Snoop’s antics wasn’t limited to just these comments.

@ibee_sweetie chimed in with, “Snoop just living, I love that for him.”

@Ninikakes_ added, “Snoop does the most random things, and I love it every time.”

One fan, @gerogiathepeach, pointed out, “Bruh Snoop & Shaq just be out here doing side missions.”

Snoop’s presence at the Olympic Trials wasn’t just a one-off event.


He’s already booked to give commentary at the 2024 Paris Olympics, set to begin on 26 July.

With 329 medal events, fans can look forward to more of his hilarious insights and unexpected humour.

In other Snoop news, the rapper recently took to Instagram to praise Kendrick Lamar for his powerful Juneteenth concert.


He called him the “King of the West.”

Snoop’s endorsement highlighted his continued influence in the music industry and his support for fellow artists.

Snoop Dogg’s commentary at the U.S. Olympic Trials was a delightful surprise. It showcases his ability to entertain in any setting.

His witty remarks and unexpected participation made the event unforgettable, leaving fans eagerly anticipating his next side gig.