Nicki Minaj arrested

Nicki Minaj. Images: Instagram @NickiMinaj

Nicki Minaj arrested for drug possession; here is what happened

Nicki Minaj is making headlines after she was arrested in Amsterdam after soft drugs were found in her travelling luggage.

Nicki Minaj arrested

Nicki Minaj. Images: Instagram @NickiMinaj

Nicki Minaj was arrested in the Netherlands barely a few hours before her show in Manchester.

Against her arrest, her gig at the Co-op was thrown in doubt after the star shared a series of X posts with law enforcement officials in the Netherlands.


The show was reportedly cancelled at the last minute after the incident. Reports have it that some fans were already in the arena awaiting her performance. However, Nicki Minaj later confirmed that the police detained her after soft drugs were found in her luggage.

Dutch media has it that she was arrested after soft drugs were found in her travelling luggage. Speaking to NBC News when asked about Minaj, Robert van Kapel, a spokesman for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, said: “We can confirm that we have arrested a 41-year-old American woman at Schiphol Airport because of possession of soft drugs.”

In a now-viral video making rounds, Nicki Minaj made it known that the drugs were not hers. She wrote that “they found weed”, and her security has “already advised them those pre-rolls belong to him”.

In further posts, Minaj also alleged, “They’ve been trying to stop me from coming to every show. They took my bags before I could see them. Put it on the plane. Now saying they’re waiting on customs.”

Nicki Minaj also went live on social media while at the airport. She shared videos of her conversations with law enforcement agents. In the now-viral video, she could be heard saying, “I’m not carrying drugs; I’m not going in there.”

She also asked if she was if she was “under arrest,” to which the Dutch policeman replied, “Yes.” Nicki Minaj was notified that she would get a “lawyer” and to stop filming their conversation

The video has gained thousands of comments and reactions since it dropped on X, formerly Twitter.


She was reportedly taken into custody for questioning around 16:00 hours, and at around 19:00 hours, she was still in police custody, according to reports. However, reports have shown that Nicki Minaj has since been released from police custody.

“The woman detained in their custody “on suspicion of exporting soft drugs has been released. Following consultation with the Public Prosecutor’s Office, the suspect received a monetary fine and is now permitted to continue her journey,” the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee statement reads.