Naomi Campbell in Cannes. Image: Instagram via @chanelofficial

Naomi Campbell in Cannes. Image: Instagram via @chanelofficial

Naomi Campbell stuns in vintage Chanel gown in Cannes

Naomi Campbell made a striking statement by donning a vintage Chanel gown from Karl Lagerfeld’s 1996 collection.

Naomi Campbell in Cannes. Image: Instagram via @chanelofficial

Naomi Campbell in Cannes. Image: Instagram via @chanelofficial

Naomi Campbell dazzled at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival, proving that timeless fashion and enduring beauty go hand in hand.

At 53, the supermodel stepped onto the red carpet in a jaw-dropping vintage Chanel gown. She turned heads and left fashion enthusiasts in awe.


Campbell attended the premiere of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga in France.

She wore a black gown featuring pearl shoulder details and sheer panels that flaunted her legs and black underwear.

This striking ensemble wasn’t just any dress. It was from Karl Lagerfeld’s 1996 collection, as reported by Page Six.

In a delightful twist, Campbell herself originally modelled the gown on the runway 28 years ago.


For the 1996 runway, the then-25-year-old Campbell styled her hair in a sleek bun. She styled the bun with a black headband and wore a black slip under the see-through bottoms.

Fast forward to 2024, and she let her voluminous curly hair flow freely, opting to forgo the black slip. It gave the gown a more daring, contemporary twist.

Styled by the renowned Law Roach, known for his work with Zendaya, Campbell’s look was impeccable.

Roach has a knack for sourcing rare vintage pieces, and he did not disappoint, according to The Guardian.


Fans and critics alike were quick to praise the ensemble.

One fan tweeted, “Naomi is forever HER 😍😍😍,” while another added, “Ate down bad, I love a self-reference.”

Campbell’s history with Chanel and Lagerfeld runs deep.

The late designer often chose her as one of his muses, and their professional relationship blossomed into a close friendship.

This connection made her choice of gown even more poignant.


Naomi Campbell has a history of making bold statements at Cannes, from her plunging Valentino gown in 2022 to her sparkling sheer tunic over leggings in 2007.

Her decision to re-wear the Chanel gown was both nostalgic and bold, according to Vogue France.

One admirer noted, “Mama said no black slip I’m grown now lol.”

Another highlighted how perfectly the look would have fit the Met Gala’s Sleeping Beauties theme. They added, “The mom of two would have been perfectly on theme.”


Naomi Campbell’s appearance at Cannes wasn’t just about the dress.

It was a reminder of her enduring status as a fashion icon.

Her ability to wear a piece she debuted nearly three decades ago, and make it look fresh and modern, speaks volumes about her timeless appeal.

It also speaks to her lasting quality of good fashion.

In the world of fashion, where trends come and go, Campbell’s Chanel gown stands as a testament to the enduring power of classic design.


It also highlights her ability to evolve while staying true to her roots.

Cannes has seen many spectacular looks over the years, but Naomi Campbell’s re-wearing of her 1996 Chanel gown will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the most memorable.

It’s a celebration of fashion history and a tribute to an icon who remains at the pinnacle of the industry.

In an era where fast fashion often dominates, Campbell’s choice reminds us of the beauty and sustainability of revisiting and reimagining past treasures.

Her stunning appearance at Cannes is proof that true style is indeed ageless.