Reality star Melinda Melrose. Image: Instagram via @melinda_melrose

Reality star Melinda Melrose. Image: Instagram via @melinda_melrose

Melinda Melrose opens up about kiss with Harry on ‘Perfect Match’

‘Perfect Match’ star Melinda Melrose candidly discussed her off-screen kiss with Harry Jowsey, which stirred up drama among the cast.

Reality star Melinda Melrose. Image: Instagram via @melinda_melrose

Reality star Melinda Melrose. Image: Instagram via @melinda_melrose

‘Perfect Match’ season 2 star Melinda Melrose joined in on a boozy game of Show the Shot or Take the Shot and delivered some jaw-dropping revelations.

Fans of the Netflix reality show were buzzing after Melinda dished on her controversial kiss with fellow star Harry Jowsey.

She gave insights into her current friendship with Jessica Vestal and exposed some of her castmates in a delightfully candid manner.


Melinda’s off-screen kiss with Harry Jowsey has been the talk of the Perfect Match fandom.

Addressing the drama head-on, Melinda described the kiss as “unexpected but fun”.

She elaborated, “Harry and I had this crazy chemistry. We just went for it one night, and yeah, it caused quite a stir.”

The kiss, although not shown in the series, has had a ripple effect among the cast, according to Page Six.


Melinda Melrose admitted that the kiss created some tension, especially with Jessica Vestal, a close friend.

“Jessica and I had a bit of a fallout because of it,” she confessed.

“She felt I crossed a line, and things got heated. But we’ve talked it out since then.

We’re working on rebuilding our friendship.”


During the game, Melinda didn’t shy away from naming names and spilling the tea about her fellow contestants.

When asked to identify the messiest cast member, she quickly pointed to Chloe Veitch.

“Chloe is a sweetheart, but she’s a total mess. You never knew what chaos she’d bring next,” Melinda laughed.

As for the most strategic player, Melinda Melrose named Damian Powers, according to Times Now News.


“Damian had a plan from day one. He’s like a reality TV chess master,” she remarked.

“He always knew what move to make to stay ahead.”

But the juiciest moment came when she revealed the biggest f**kboy in the house.

“Oh, that’s easy. It’s Bartise Bowden,” she said without hesitation.

“Bartise just couldn’t keep it in his pants. He was all over the place, trying to get with everyone.”


Melinda also shed light on the behind-the-scenes antics that didn’t make it to the final cut.

“There’s so much that happens off-camera,” she explained, according to Screen Rant.

“The late-night chats, the secret alliances, the sneaky hookups. It’s a madhouse.

What you see on TV is just the tip of the iceberg.”


One particularly scandalous revelation involved a prank war between the boys and girls.

“There was this one night when we swapped all the boys’ clothes with ones a few sizes smaller.

Watching them try to squeeze into them the next morning was hilarious,” she recounted with a grin.


Despite the drama and the occasional heartbreak, Melinda Melrose has fond memories of her time on Perfect Match.

“It was wild, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything,” she said.

“I made some lifelong friends, and I learned a lot about myself.”

As for what’s next, Melinda hinted at more exciting projects on the horizon.

“I’ve got a few things in the works. Maybe even another reality show. Who knows?” she teased.


Whether she was spilling secrets or sharing laughs, she kept viewers entertained.

Melinda’s reflections on the kiss with Harry Jowsey, the fallout with Jessica Vestal, and the antics of her castmates gave fans a deeper look into the chaotic and captivating world of Perfect Match.

As Melinda continues her reality TV journey, fans will undoubtedly be eager to follow every twist and turn.

One thing is clear: with her charisma and honesty, Melinda Melrose is a star who knows how to keep her audience hooked.