Actress Jennifer Aniston. Image: Instagram via @Variety

Actress Jennifer Aniston. Image: Instagram via @Variety

Jennifer Aniston gets emotional on Friends’ 30th Anniversary

Jennifer Aniston,,became emotional as she reflected on the upcoming 30th anniversary of the iconic sitcom ‘Friends’.

Actress Jennifer Aniston. Image: Instagram via @Variety

Actress Jennifer Aniston. Image: Instagram via @Variety

As the iconic sitcom Friends approaches its monumental 30th-anniversary milestone, Jennifer Aniston, famously known for her role as Rachel Green, recently shared her heartfelt reflections. This evoked both tears and laughter in a candid interview.


In a touching moment during Variety’s ‘Actors and Actors’ event, Aniston, paired with Abbott Elementary star Quinta Brunson.

She was overcome with emotion when asked about the enduring legacy of Friends.

“Don’t make me cry,” Aniston pleaded, as tears welled up in her eyes, unable to contain her emotions, according to Unilad.

Quinta Brunson, sensing Aniston’s vulnerability, offered her a moment of reprieve. She suggested they steer clear of the topic.


However, determined to express her sentiments, Aniston bravely forged ahead.

“It’s happy tears,” Aniston reassured, visibly moved by the memories flooding her mind.

With a gentle wipe of her tears, Aniston delved into her reflections. She marvelled at the remarkable journey Friends has taken over the past three decades.

“It’s crazy,” Aniston exclaimed, her voice tinged with nostalgia, according to Hola.

“To think that it’s been thirty years since we first graced the screens.”


Reflecting on the premiere day of Friends, Aniston shared a cherished memory of camaraderie among the cast.

“I remember the excitement,” Aniston reminisced.

“Matthew Perry and I were out for lunch when we decided to surprise Lisa [Kudrow] at the salon where she was getting her hair done.”

With mischievous delight, Aniston recounted the impromptu moment.


She took over the hair salon’s sink to wash Kudrow’s hair, a gesture brimming with the youthful exuberance of their early days on set.

“It flew out of control,” Aniston chuckled.

Jennifer Aniston recalled the laughter and chaos that ensued. “But the excitement we had, it feels like yesterday.”

Amidst the poignant reminiscences, Aniston and Brunson exchanged banter, according to People.

They injected levity into the conversation with playful quips about age and wisdom gained over the years.


“When you were a baby on that show, you were so advanced,” Brunson teased. She prompted laughter from Aniston and the audience alike.

As Jennifer Aniston composed herself, wiping away the last traces of tears.

She acknowledged the profound impact Friends has had on audiences worldwide and expressed gratitude for the enduring love and support.

“It’s been an incredible journey,” Aniston concluded, her voice filled with warmth.

“And I’m grateful for every moment.”


As Friends approaches its 30th anniversary milestone, fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for the beloved sitcom.

While a reunion episode remains uncertain, the indelible bonds forged on set continue to resonate. It ensures that the legacy of Friends endures for generations to come.

With Jennifer Aniston’s touching reflections serving as a poignant reminder of the show’s enduring magic, the countdown to Friends’ 30th anniversary promises to be a celebration of laughter, friendship, and cherished memories.