Jennie and Billie Eilish. Image: Instagram via @Billboard

Jennie and Billie Eilish. Image: Instagram via @Billboard

Jennie and Billie Eilish have a heartwarming reunion in Seoul

Jennie from Blackpink and Billie Eilish reunited in Seoul for a special listening session of Eilish’s latest album.

Jennie and Billie Eilish. Image: Instagram via @Billboard

Jennie and Billie Eilish. Image: Instagram via @Billboard

Pop sensations Jennie from Blackpink and Billie Eilish delighted fans with an emotional reunion in Seoul, South Korea. This marked a significant moment in their enduring friendship.

The stars first captured hearts with their iconic Coachella encounter in 2019.


They then came together once again for an exclusive listening session of Eilish’s latest album, Hit Me Hard And Soft on 18 June.

The reunion was reminiscent of their heartfelt embrace five years ago.

It sparked waves of nostalgia among their followers, according to Hindustan Times.

Fans couldn’t help but draw parallels between their latest affectionate moment and their initial meeting at Coachella.

A K-pop enthusiast pointed out the striking similarities. They noted how “Jennie and Billie hugged after five years in the same position and with the same hand placement—so heartwarming for this 🥺🤍.”


The event itself was a blend of casual banter and genuine admiration between the two music icons.

Jennie, who recently made waves as a runway model, shared her favourite track from Eilish’s album.

She revealed, “Birds of a Feather is my top pick from Hit Me Hard And Soft, according to ALT Selection.

The atmosphere was filled with mutual appreciation, with Eilish thanking Jennie warmly for hosting her in Seoul.

“I love you, Jennie. Thank you for doing this,” Eilish expressed gratefully.

In response, Jennie hinted at future collaborations.


She teased, “You’re interviewing me when my album drops.”

The exchange highlighted not only their friendship but also the anticipation among fans for potential joint ventures between the two chart-toppers.

Eilish’s Seoul listening session was held at Theatres des Lumieres, according to Lofficiel Singapore.

It offered attendees a unique dive into her latest musical journey.


Described by Spotify as an immersive experience, the event allowed fans to explore the album through its artwork.

It was a poignant image of Eilish underwater beneath a white wooden door.

Beyond their reunion, Eilish continues to make waves in South Korea.

She has upcoming appearances on popular shows like You Quiz on the Block.


Rumours swirled about her potential guest spot on The Seasons with Zico. This further amplified excitement among her Korean fanbase.

Jennie and Billie Eilish continue to captivate audiences with their talent and camaraderie.

Their recent reunion in Seoul stands as a testament to the enduring power of music. It also stresses the importance of forging meaningful connections across borders and cultures.

Fans can’t help but eagerly await what the future holds for these two beloved icons and their promising careers.