Elon Musk’s ‘baby mama’ Shivon Zilis responds to Grimes. Images via Twitter @walterisaacson and ANGELA WEISS/AFP

Elon Musk’s baby No12 with Shivon Zilis was ‘no secret’

Pretoria-born billionaire Elon Musk said that his 12th child, third with Neuralinks executive Shivon Zilis, was no secret’.


Elon Musk’s ‘baby mama’ Shivon Zilis responds to Grimes. Images via Twitter @walterisaacson and ANGELA WEISS/AFP

South African-born billionaire Elon Musk revealed that his third child with Shivon Zilis was no secret, after reports claimed that he “secretly fathered” his 12th child.


Pretoria-born billionaire Elon Musk is now a father of 12. Bloomberg reported that the Tesla and SpaceX CEO “secretly” welcomed his third child with neuralinks executive Shivon Zilis earlier this year. Musk and Zilis welcomed a pair of twins named Strider and Azure in November 2021. This makes Musk a father of 12.

Musk has revealed that his 12th child, and third with Zilis, was “no secret” as all their friends and family were aware. He went on to say that he just did not issue a press release, which would have been “bizarre.”

“As for ‘secretly fathered,’ that is also false,” he said to Page Six.

“All our friends and family know. Failure to issue a press release, which would be bizarre, does not mean ‘secret.’”

The gender and name of the new baby has not yet been revealed. However, Musk has been vocal about his concerns over the declining population rate.

“Many countries are already well below replacement rate, and the trend is that almost all will be. This is simply a fact, not a ‘debunked theory,” he said to Page Six.

“2.1 kids is replacement rate, and obviously the world as a whole will soon drop below that point,” he continued.


  • Aside from his three kids with Zilis, Musk also has nine other children with two other women.
  • Musk had six children with his ex-wife Justine Musk. The pair welcomed their first child Nevada Alexander in 2002. However, the infant passed away at just 10 weeks old, due to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Musk and Justine welcomed a pair of twins born as Griffin and Xavier in 2004. Xavier legally changed her gender and name to Vivian Jenna Wilson in 2022. The pair then welcomed triplets – Kai, Saxon and Damian.
  • Musk then welcomed X AE A-XII, affectionately known as baby X, with Canadian singer Grimes in May 2020. Together Grimes and Musk also have a daughter named Y, formerly Exa Dark Sideræl and a son named Techno Mechanicus and nicknamed Tau.

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