Donald Trump and Sebastian Stan. Image: Instagram via @viralpopculture

Donald Trump and Sebastian Stan. Image: Instagram via @viralpopculture

Donald Trump sends cease and desist letter for ‘The Apprentice’ film

Donald Trump’s legal team issued a cease and desist letter to block the US release of ‘The Apprentice,’ a film that premiered at Cannes.

Donald Trump and Sebastian Stan. Image: Instagram via @viralpopculture

Donald Trump and Sebastian Stan. Image: Instagram via @viralpopculture

In a fiery legal standoff reminiscent of a Hollywood courtroom drama, Donald Trump’s legal eagles have swooped in with a cease and desist letter aimed at the US release of The Apprentice.


This cinematic exposé, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, delves into Trump’s murky past as a real estate tycoon. It also covers his shadowy alliance with the infamous Roy Cohn.

The cease-and-desist missive, akin to a legal thunderbolt, warns the filmmakers against even contemplating a distribution deal.

This was divulged by insiders privy to the epistolary showdown, according to Page Six.

Unperturbed, the film’s producers stand resolute, asserting their desire for the public to judge the film’s merits themselves.


“The film is a fair and balanced portrait of the former president,” they affirm. They stand staunch in their commitment to cinematic integrity.

Starring Sebastian Stan as Trump and Jeremy Strong as Cohn, The Apprentice paints a damning picture of the former commander-in-chief as a morally dubious figure.

The film version of Trump unabashedly engages in philandering escapades and murky dealings with underworld entities to further his real estate ambitions.

Shockingly, the film even dares to depict a scene of marital violation, alleging Trump’s assault on his first wife, Ivana, according to Variety.


In response to the cease and desist letter, Trump’s camp unleashed a verbal barrage, according to The Guardian.

They decried the film as “pure malicious defamation.”

Steven Cheung, Donald Trump’s campaign communications director, pulls no punches, relegating the film to the ignominious fate of a dumpster inferno.

Trump’s legal arsenal remains at the ready, poised to unleash legal thunderbolts upon the filmmakers should they persist in their cinematic crusade.

Director Ali Abbasi, no stranger to controversy with his previous works, fires back at Trump’s legal machinations with characteristic aplomb.

“Everybody talks about him suing a lot of people — they don’t talk about his success rate though, you know?” he quips, a glint of defiance in his eye.

Undeterred by legal challenges, Abbasi offers to screen the film for Donald Trump, extending a daring olive branch.

The Apprentice boasts a script crafted by Gabriel Sherman, a journalist who traversed the treacherous corridors of the Trump administration.

Abbasi, known for works like Holy Spider and Border, brings his unique vision to this cinematic expose.


Abbasi unearthed the skeletons lurking in Trump’s gilded closet.

As the legal skirmish escalates, the fate of The Apprentice hangs in the balance.

Will Trump’s legal might bury the film, or will artistic freedom triumph over legal threats?

Only time will reveal the outcome of this legal drama. It grips audiences with a potent blend of intrigue and defiance as the curtain rises.