Singer and dancer, Chris Brown. Image: Instagram via @ChrisBrown

Singer and dancer, Chris Brown. Image: Instagram via @ChrisBrown

Chris Brown dances to ‘Tshwala Bam’ on tour amid blackball claims

Chris Brown kicked off his ’11:11′ tour with a sold-out show at Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena, despite claims of being “blackballed”.

Singer and dancer, Chris Brown. Image: Instagram via @ChrisBrown

Singer and dancer, Chris Brown. Image: Instagram via @ChrisBrown

Chris Brown kicked off his eagerly awaited 11:11 tour with a bang in Detroit. He packed the Little Caesars Arena to the rafters.


On 5 June, the R&B star took to the stage, delivering a high-energy performance that thrilled and buzzed his fans.

The show was a spectacle from start to finish. Divided into four distinct parts, each segment boasted a unique theme and setlist.

Fans were treated to a mix of Brown’s biggest hits alongside some of his newest tracks, according to 3 Music TV.

From the opening moments, it was clear this was no ordinary concert.

A voiceover tribute to Michael Jackson set the tone, with Brown soaring over the crowd on wires.

He then performed acrobatic stunts that drew gasps and cheers.


Addressing the sold-out crowd, Brown couldn’t resist commenting on his so-called “blackballing” by the music industry.

“They say I’m blackballed, but this doesn’t look blackballed to me!” he exclaimed. He gestured to the packed arena.

His fans roared with approval at his remark. This reinforced the notion that, despite industry setbacks, his fanbase remains fiercely loyal.

The production value of the concert was top-notch.

One of the highlights was Brown’s return to the rotating platform, a crowd favourite from previous tours.


The stage spun slowly, allowing everyone in the arena to glimpse his signature dance moves.

The energy was palpable, with fans singing and dancing throughout the night.

The online reaction mirrored the excitement inside the arena, according to TMZ.

Social media buzzed with praise for Brown’s showmanship and performance.

Videos of the concert quickly circulated, showcasing the elaborate set pieces and Brown’s impressive choreography.

One fan tweeted, “Chris Brown just proved he’s still the king of live performance. That Detroit show was insane!”


A standout moment came when Brown performed the Tshwala Bam dance challenge. This has become a viral sensation that has swept across social media.

His execution of the complex moves was flawless, leaving the crowd in awe, according to Rolling Out.

Brown’s performance in Detroit showed that he remains a formidable force in the music world.

The 11:11 tour promises to be a visual and musical feast.


High-energy performances, intricate choreography, and stunning production set it to be one of the most talked-about tours of the year.

As Brown continues to push the boundaries of live performance, each stop on the tour is likely to bring more moments of brilliance.

Chris Brown’s message to his critics was clear: he can’t be cancelled. And judging by the response from his fans, they agree wholeheartedly.