Alicia Keys and Sam Smith. Image: Instagram via @aliciakeys and @samsmith

Alicia Keys and Sam Smith. Image: Instagram via @aliciakeys and @samsmith

Alicia Keys makes surprise appearance at Sam Smith’s Anniversary

Alicia Keys made a surprise appearance at New York City’s oldest gay bar, to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sam Smith’s debut album.

Alicia Keys and Sam Smith. Image: Instagram via @aliciakeys and @samsmith

Alicia Keys and Sam Smith. Image: Instagram via @aliciakeys and @samsmith

In New York City’s oldest gay bar, Julius, Alicia Keys surprised everyone at the 10th-anniversary party for Sam Smith’s debut album, In the Lonely Hour.

The event was part of Pride in NYC and attracted a star-studded crowd.


The celebration saw New York’s favourite drag queen, Lady Bunny, taking on the DJ duties for the night.

Known for her sharp wit, Lady Bunny didn’t hold back. She playfully introduced Alicia Keys as “Alice Keys.”

She pretended not to recognise the globally famous singer.

Bunny quipped, “I said she was an emerging new artist. She was a great sport and giggled at it, according to Page Six.

Sam was super nice and sounded fab!”


The playful banter continued as Lady Bunny expressed regret for not playing Keys’ 2005 hit, Unbreakable. She called it a masterpiece.

“To me, that’s a masterpiece!” Bunny wrote on social media, clearly still buzzing from the night’s events.

Alicia Keys, known for her warm and genuine nature, took the jests in stride, according to Rolling Stone.

Her appearance was a highlight. It added an extra layer of glamour and excitement to the evening.


She and Sam Smith, both looking fabulous, shared the limelight and celebrated a significant milestone in Smith’s career.

The night was a blend of fun, music, and heartfelt moments.

Sam Smith, now a Broadway composer, was the centre of attention.

Smith didn’t mind sharing the spotlight with the ever-charismatic Keys, according to Paper Magazine.

Together, they represented the beauty of collaboration and mutual respect in the music industry.


The party didn’t end there.

Earlier in the week, fashion designer Christian Siriano and his RuPaul’s Drag Race muse, Gottmik, lit up the Darling Rooftop at Park Lane.

The Pride in the Park event was so packed that Gottmik had to climb over a table to greet Siriano when he arrived.

“They were posing up a storm and dancing all night,” a source revealed.

Pride Month in NYC has always been about celebration, recognition, and fun.


This year was no different, with events filled with laughter, music, and unforgettable moments.

Alicia Keys’ surprise appearance at Sam Smith’s anniversary bash was just one highlight in a week full of them.

As the festivities continued, it was clear that Pride in NYC is not just an event, but a powerful expression of identity, unity, and joy.