Ice-T and Coco slam haters

Image via Twitter

‘We’re not normal parents’: Ice-T and wife shock fans with raunchy pic

Law & Order actor Ice-T and his model wife have a special message for their haters following their parenting criticism this week…

Ice-T and Coco slam haters

Image via Twitter

Ice-T and his wife, Coco Chanel, are not your typical celebrity parents, and probably will never be if their antics are anything to go by…

The actor and his Playboy model spouse have made headlines for their unconventional parenting, including Coco admitting to still breastfeeding their five-year-old daughter, Nicole.

And they want you to know, they don’t give a F what you think about it either!


Hot on the heels of Coco’s breastfeeding debate, which the Law & Order star proudly supports, Ice-T took to his Twitter to put a few haters in their place.

Responding to a tweep who claimed that Coco’s mothering was “not normal”, the former rapper sarcastically quipped; “Please go eat multiple *****…. And worry about your pathetic life”.

And then there was the following NSFW tweet from the controversial mom and dad.

Alongside a half-naked pic of the pair, Ice-T wrote:

“People should know by now that Coco and I are far from normal parents.. And we give less than a F about how you feel.. Love is Love.. Haters F off..”

He proudly defended his actions and recent statements, advising any fans who did not approve to kindly unfollow him.

“If my Twitter page offends you in any way.. PLEASE unfollow. It’s that simple…”, he tweeted.


Ice-T and Coco are not the only Hollywood celebs who had tweeps talking this week. Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis admitted to only bathing their kids ‘a couple times’ per week.

In a video posted on his official Instagram account, Ashton pokes fun at the hot (or should we say dirty) topic, telling wife Mila; “This bathing thing is out of hand…Are you trying to melt them?!”

 “Their body oils are going to be destroyed!”

Fellow celeb couple Kirsten Bell and Dax Shepard are also advocates for bathing their kids sparingly.

The Frozen actress said in an interview with Daily Blast Live; “It’s not so much of a joke that I wait for the stink…That tells you when they need to bath.”