Lady Du

Lady Du is happier now that she is single. Image via Instagram @ladydu_sa

‘I feel free’: Lady Du is in a ‘happier place’ since breaking up with Andile

Lady Du says that she feels free now that she is no longer with Andile Mxakaza. Judging by his posts, the feeling is not mutual…

Lady Du

Lady Du is happier now that she is single. Image via Instagram @ladydu_sa

Just a week ago, Lady Du shocked her many fans and supporters when she revealed that she was breaking up with her long-term partner, Andile Mxakaza. Taking to her Instagram page, the amapiano artist revealed that they made a mutual decision to call things quits.

She has since shared that she feels happier than ever.

Lady Du is loving life as a single woman

Many people are still getting over the news that one of Mzansi’s favourite couples Lady Du and Isibaya actor Andile Mxakaza are no longer an item. In a lengthy IG post, she explained that they decided to follow their own paths but will always hold special places in one another’s hearts.

Shortly after her announcement, Andile confirmed the news while sharing how he will always love her. He then shared a video of himself explaining how he believes witchcraft ended his relationship with Lady Du.

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Despite all of this, she says she is feeling better than she’s felt in a while.

Taking to her Instagram page once again, Lady Du explained that she is feeling free and happier than ever now that she is no longer in a relationship.

“I know some of you think I’m hurting but to be honest with you from the bottom of my soul, I am in such a happy place, I feel free. I actually feel lighter and more revived. Spiritually and mentally.”

“A strong woman is one that keeps quiet and trusts what God is about to display in her life.”

Fans are still reacting

Ever since the news broke, the couple’s fans have been showing both of them support. A lot of people have however accused Lady Du of dumping Andile because she is well-off now.

She does not seem bothered by these comments.

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