Natasha Joubert outfit

Natasha Joubert. image via Instagram @natasha_joubert

‘How do you sit down with those beads?’ Natasha Joubert’s outfit in France divides Mzansi [video]

Miss South Africa Natasha Joubert’s outfit at the L’Oréal Paris event left fans divided on whether she represented South Africa well.

Natasha Joubert outfit

Natasha Joubert. image via Instagram @natasha_joubert

Miss South Africa Natasha Joubert’s outfit at the L’Oréal Paris event in France left fans divided.

Natasha made headlines in the past few months after winning the Miss SA crown.

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Since then, she has been living a public lifestyle, representing South Africa.

She was recently in France for the L’Oréal Paris event during the Fashion Week.

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Many stars were also present, including South African Actress Thuso Mbedu.

It was a star-studded event that Natasha enjoyed and wanted fans to speak about.

“Can we talk about last night? @larissamanoela @lorealparis 💜”


Indeed, it is difficult to impress everyone; we saw this with Natasha’s outfit.

Her fans praised her so much, pondering her beauty and style.

They generally agreed that her outfit was perfect, and she outclassed every one at the event.

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Surprisingly, another group of fans thought she was looking so well.

They questioned her dress with beads, saying many things that looked like dissing it.

Some even questioned her ability to represent South Africa fully.


After Natasha Joubert shared pictures and videos of her outfit, fans were left with many words.

“guys someone check on the eiffel tower😭 it surely is not okay after natasha😭😭”

“I have an ask…how do you sit down with those beads Natasha? Like how?🤔”

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“What’s our offense this night😭 now I can’t even breath 😫😫😫👑👑👑👑”

“The pics and dress by the Eifel tower are with class and taste. This dress, the opposite.”

“How does feel to be the most beautiful women in the world Natasha??????😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥”