Uncle Waffles

Tweeps question if viral sensation Uncle Waffles is being exploited Image via Twitter @unclewaffffles

Here’s why Uncle Waffle’s allegedly turned down a whopping R500k!

‘She’s not a desperate slay queen,’ said one fan after hearing Uncle Waffles turned down a Nigerian man’s alleged R500k offer.

Uncle Waffles

Tweeps question if viral sensation Uncle Waffles is being exploited Image via Twitter @unclewaffffles

Uncle Waffles is seemingly taking her fame and heading for the sky with it. The young artist first went viral when she was spotted DJ’ing at an event while wearing a sexy T-string and controlling the crowd with her amazing sound. Now she has secured herself a few gigs in the UK.

With fame however, has come some outrageous and degrading which we’re proud to hear she has gracefully turned down.

Uncle Waffles says no to R500k for one night… here’s why

If you haven’t heard the name Uncle Waffles than you really need to consider relocating from underneath the rock you’ve been living. Uncle Waffles became an overnight sensation here in Mzansi after she was spotted showing off her lit DJ’ing skills.

In fact, she is now so well-known that she is heading off to the UK to grace people abroad with her vibey music and mixing powers.

Her fame has also come with a number of other offers and Ghost Lady who usually features on MacG’s Podcast and Chill, has confirmed this fact.

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According to Ghost Lady, Uncle Waffles was allegedly offered R500 000 by a Nigerian man who wanted to spend the night with her. She allegedly said no to this unknown wealthy Nigerian.

“Ghost Lady says Uncle Waffles was offered R500 000 by a Nigerian man to have sex with her and she declined the offer,” wrote entertainment blogger Musa Khawusa while sharing a clip of Ghost Lady sharing the news.


Mzansi reacts

@mr_sxllo said:

“Obviously, her reputation is important since she’s a brand. She most probably would have agreed if the guy didn’t make noise about it or ask publicly.”

@Hlengiwe_EJ said:

“I’m not shocked she never took it, she got booked left right and center to do what she loves and make money. Why the hell should she have slept with someone for money when she was already making it, proves she’s not a desperate slay queen.”

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