Black Coffee

Black Coffee is set to perform at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Image via Instagram

‘He can’t go out like Riky Rick’: Black Coffee’s cryptic tweet concerns fans

Since Riky Rick’s passing, many fans are concerned about the mental health of celebs such as Black Coffee who just shared a worrisome tweet.

Black Coffee

Black Coffee is set to perform at Lollapalooza in Chicago. Image via Instagram

Ever since the news of Riky Rick’s passing was announced, many people have become increasingly concerned about the mental health of celebrities and how social media affects them. The rapper died on Wednesday 23 February after hanging himself. Shortly after this, Black Coffee shared a cryptic tweet that left many of his fans concerned that he may be going through something.

After concerned fans flooded the comment section, the DJ removed the tweet.

Fans worry about Black Coffee’s mental health following cryptic tweet

After South African rapper Riky Rick committed suicide this week, thousands of South Africans started wondering about the mental health of their favourite celebrities.

One celebrity whose mental health was just questioned is award-winning DJ, Black Coffee. The artist sent his followers into a panic after he shared what many believe is a cryptic tweet about his mental health.

The tweet, which has since been deleted read:

“If at this point taking my life will make you happy, go ahead take it.”

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Sudden panic over Black Coffee

The tweet sent many of his fans into a panic as they wondered whether he was doing okay. they quickly rushed to the comment section to ask those closest to him to please check on him.

One Twitter user, @zaulaano10 wrote:

“After what happened to Ricky Rick someone better take a closer look at Black Coffee ????he can not go out like Makhado???????????????????????????????? RIP”

While @nkagie_mmutle said:

“This is very scary.”

Seeing that his tweet was worrying so many people, the musician quickly removed it. And in an effort to assure everyone that he is doing fine, he also shared some tweets about his upcoming gigs in the US where he is currently doing his One Man Show.

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