Nomcebo Zikode

Nomcebo Zikode received a hero’s welcome when she touched down in Durban on Thursday. Image via Instagram @nomcebo_zikode

Halala! Grammy winner Nomcebo Zikode gets a hero’s welcome

Fans, family and many other local artists had reportedly waited at the airport in Durban to give Nomcebo Zikode a hero’s welcome [watch].

Nomcebo Zikode

Nomcebo Zikode received a hero’s welcome when she touched down in Durban on Thursday. Image via Instagram @nomcebo_zikode

When she landed at King Shaka International Airport on Thursday, 23 February, after bagging a Grammy Award in America, singer Nomcebo Zikode received a hero’s welcome just like Grammy winner Zakes Bantwini did when he returned to the country last week.


The Jerusalema hitmaker from Hammarsdale, in Durban, was glad to see her fans, family, eThekwini Municipality officials, Zakes Bantwini and other local artists welcoming her as she touched down in her hometown, Daily Sun reported.

Zakes Bantwini, Wouter Kellerman, and Zikode flew the South African flag high in Los Angeles earlier this month when they won a Grammy for the hit song Bayethe in the Best Global Music Performance category.

Zikode reportedly urged young artists never to let anything allow their dreams to be taken away from them. She reportedly encouraged them to work to improve their talents so that one day, they too would become “Nomcebo’s of the future.”

The singer hoped that she had become a symbol of hope for people in Kwazulu-Natal and for them to learn from her that anything was possible. The international star reportedly said that she came from a poor background but now as an international star, she wished to let people know that their background does not determine their future.

“As we are born, we all have different talents, so I want people to respect their talent, even if it is not for music but for other careers. Please respect it because you don’t know where it can lead you. Everyone can shine,” Zikode was quoted as saying.

“It is possible; let us continue dreaming big. We won with a song titled Bayethe. I want people to not be ashamed of themselves. I’m popular in many countries for singing in my Zulu language. Let us be grateful of ourselves. I was grateful to see Zulu dancers dancing during my welcome here,” the star reportedly added.

Taking to her Instagram, Zikode wrote,

“I can’t get over how my city came out and showed out!

“KZN you made me the woman I am today and you will forever have a special place in my heart 💚.”


Nomcebo Zikode
Nomcebo Zikode returned from the United States on Thursday, 23 February. Image via Instagram @nomncebo_zikode


The international trip would not be the first time Zikode was in the United States (US). Previously reported by The South African, in 2021, Zikode was in the US living her best Life. When the song Jerusalma hit. It topped the charts not only in the country but globally. Zikode reportedly performed the song all over the world and found herself living it up in New York for a while.

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