Trevor Noah

Sizwe Dhlomo is seen in the crowd at the Grammys, as hosted by his best friend Trevor Noah.
Images via Twitter

Friends in high places? Sizwe spotted behind Trevor Noah [watch]

Shout out to my bestie? Sizwe Dhlomo was conveniently spotted in the Grammys crowd – again – behind host Trevor Noah.

Trevor Noah

Sizwe Dhlomo is seen in the crowd at the Grammys, as hosted by his best friend Trevor Noah.
Images via Twitter

For the second time, South Africans have spotted radio personality Sizwe Dhlomo in the Grammys crowd. But the Kaya FM presenter’s position was only discovered after his best friend Trevor Noah – who happened to be the host of the awards show – positioned himself in front of him.

On Sunday night, Trevor hosted the Grammys at the Arena in Los Angeles. The Soweto-born star mingled with the likes of Beyonce, Lizzo, Harry Styles, Taylor Swift, and more at the show.

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On Twitter, South Africans sung the praises of Trevor Noah, who had the Grammys audience in stitches with his hilarious jokes.

But tweeps also spotted another local in the crowd – Sizwe Dhlomo. 

In one clip, Trevor addresses viewers while standing in front of a table of guests, which conveniently happens to include Sizwe. The radio star was dressed in a grey and black suit and was seated at a table of unknown guests.

“Only here in South Africa do we understand why Trevor Noah stood at that specific position,” posted one tweep.

On his own Twitter account, Sizwe shared pictures of proof that he was indeed at the Grammys.

Trevor Noah’s bestie also bragged about being invited to an after-party attended by hip-hop heavyweights like Jay Z.


It’s not the first time Trevor Noah has pulled a stunt paying homage to his country of birth. Last year, Trevor shared a joke with the audience that only South Africans understood.

During his opening monologue at the Grammys, Trevor hinted at meeting South Korean supergroup BTS backstage.

He said during the skit: “I actually met BTS backstage, and I got to show them some of my dance moves, and Jungkook [a member of the group] said I was [inaudible].”

“I don’t speak Korean, but I think it means ‘pretty dope.’”

But while Korean fans have argued that Trevor Noah did not, in fact, speak their language, South Africans have recognised what the local star may have said instead.

According to some tweeps, Trevor Noah pronounced the word “msunu,” a derogatory term used to insult others.

Tweeps also spotted Trevor Noah’s close friend Sizwe Dhlomo at a table he co-incidentally walked by as he made the quip.

Sizwe – wearing a white and black tux and a black hat – was seen chuckling at Trevor’s inside joke. And tweeps have praised Trevor for acknowledging his bestie from back home.