Ntobeko Sishi and Candice Modiselle

Actors Ntobeko Sishi and Candice Modiselle baptised. Images via Twitter @CandieModiselle and @SishiiOfficial

Actors Ntobeko Sishi and Candice Modiselle get baptised [WATCH]

‘Gomora’ star Ntobeko Sishi and ‘Generations: The Legacy’ star Candice Modiselle shared their baptism journeys on their social media accounts.

Ntobeko Sishi and Candice Modiselle

Actors Ntobeko Sishi and Candice Modiselle baptised. Images via Twitter @CandieModiselle and @SishiiOfficial

Musician and actor Ntobeko Sishi, who exited Gomora and Ntokozo and actress Candice Modiselle, who acted in Generations: The Legacy recently got baptised.

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The talented actors Ntobeko Sishi and Candice Modiselle publicly declared their lives to God, when they recently got baptised.

Sishi shared a video of him getting baptised and revealed in his Instagram video that he struggled to find a place that gave him a sense of belonging until now.

“Today I publicly declared my life to ‘The Lord The Lord, the Compassionate and Gracious God. It’s great to know that even though those feelings are valid, it is in my very weakness that Christ reaches out and His power is made perfect.”

“I tried self-esteem, tried therapy, and even though those things have a place, nothing really gave me belonging. Only through His sacrifice am I enough, more than good enough.”

The star added that he “once feared Him as a merciless fascist” and never deemed himself enough to “stand in His presence or to even allow himself to live.”

He also said his mission is to provide healing through his art and hopes that those who feel the same way will know that they’re not alone.

“I struggled with belonging and ‘home’ all my life and now it’s evident to me that we all belong to a purpose much greater than we think. We’re loved and cherished in a way we’ll never fully understand, so run to Him. There’s true joy here. Right here is where I belong. I’m not alone and neither are you. I love you and God bless you,” said Ntobeko Sishi.

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Zimoja reports that former Generations: The Legacy actress Candice Modiselle got baptized at Every Nation Church in Rosebank, Johannesburg on Sunday 28 May 2023.

Modiselle said she became a new creation in Christ when she got baptised: “For context; I was baptized as a baby, far too young to understand the magnitude of this moment. I imagine many of us can relate.”

“There is an urgency for revival in our nation and we cannot afford to not submit to the King of Kings. This public declaration confirms that I know who I am, and I dedicate my life to helping young people. To discover that they too are fearfully and wonderfully made; set apart, loved, called and chosen as the righteous sons and daughters of the Almighty.”

The actress also said she longs to help navigate the way through the hopelessness and brokenness that the nation is plagued with.

“I have decided to partner with Christ in all things. Every milestone through Him, in Him, and for His glory.”

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Ntobeko Sishi and Candice Modiselle. Images via Twitter @CandieModiselle and @SishiiOfficial