Moshe Ndiki Hospital Bed Exhaustion

Moshe Ndiki is admitted for exhaustion. Images via Instagram: @moshendiki

‘Gomora’ actor Moshe Ndiki spends Christmas in a hospital bed

Moshe Ndiki has asked people to share their Christmas plates now that he will be spending the day in a hospital bed.

Moshe Ndiki Hospital Bed Exhaustion

Moshe Ndiki is admitted for exhaustion. Images via Instagram: @moshendiki

Actor Moshe Ndiki was readmitted at an unknown hospital on Friday 23 December after suffering from exhaustion. He revealed that his readmission comes after he was discharged just 5 days ago.

Zalebs reports that Moshe confirmed during a live that he was currently working on five different shows and the toll of meeting his obligations seemingly negatively affected his health. 

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Taking to his Instagram stories to details how his stay has been so far, Moshe slammed the Emergency Room nurses. He wrote, “Health care workers need to start working on their decorum at work , how can you be in ER and they are shouting “ Mr Faku “ and the other one wants a picture ? Like wtf ? Guys please , the last place you ask someone for a pic is in hospital”.

“Whether they are visiting or are actual patients. What if I just received a life changing diagnosis or I can to visit my mother who is terminally ill ? Mandiyeke le ndiyenzayo or dealing with at this place of all places for a picture ? Yho hayi sana,” he added.

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Moshe also said, “2 ladies from hospital catering came in late at night in my room and no greeting just wanting a picture, actually it even asking she walks in and she tells her friend to take out her phone , WTF ??, DO YOU SEE WHERE I AM ? DO YOU SEE WHAT STATE IM IN ?”.

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It seems Moshe will be spending Christmas Day from a hospital bed and will not be preparing his usual feast. The 32-year-old was put on a liquid diet but as of this morning, he is back on solids.

Moshe Ndiki hospital admission

Moshe is however still hopeful that the hospital food would be better than he thinks.

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