Gogo Skhotheni

Gogo Skhotheni’s polyandrous marriage has social media users opinions divided. Image via Instagram @gogo_skhotheni

‘Not cheating anymore’: Tweeps on Gogo Skhotheni’s marriage

Tweeps shared their thoughts on Gogo Skhotheni’s polyandrous marriage after she claimed her ancestors made her do it.

Gogo Skhotheni

Gogo Skhotheni’s polyandrous marriage has social media users opinions divided. Image via Instagram @gogo_skhotheni

Gogo SKhotheni said that her husband has finally come around with her decision to take a second husband not long after they married. Documented in her Moja Love reality show, the traditional healer expressed to her husband that she was receiving calls from her ancestors to take a second husband. This came about eight months after she had gotten married to her first.

Gogo Skotheni
Gogo Skhotheni married two husbands and social media users shared their reactions on Twitter. Image via Instagram @gogo_skhotheni


As reported by Drum, Skhotheni’s second husband happened to be a past boyfriend whom she dated back in high school for a year. She now prays everyday that she does not get more dreams telling her to take another husband.

Skhotheni said she had gotten over her Grade right ex-lover but suddenly started dreaming of him to the point that she fell in love with him from the dreams. Later, they met up, and one thing led to another.

“The dreams and the confirmations, me and this person would see each other more and then I cheated with him,” Drum quoted her as saying.

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According to Briefly, Skhotheni is an open book on social media and on her Youtube channel. However, when it came to other aspects of her life, she was closed off. The 30-year-old healer had not disclosed the name of her second husband whom she took in just before she finished one year of her marriage with Shange. The couple married in 2020.  

According to reports, the polyandrous wife does not live with either of her husbands and said the new lifestyle had been an adjustment for everyone involved.

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She claims that she had never imagined being in a polyandrous marriage, and her first husband could even testify that she has always been a one-man woman. Her Shange is apparently aware that her dreams and visions are a lot of work which have impacted their marriage in the past, as reported by Drum.

“I didn’t see myself where I am today, at first it was a bit weird but I am enjoying it because I do not have to hide anymore and it is not like I am cheating, what I am doing is there, it has a name it is polyandry, I am not cheating anymore,” she said quoted by the report.

Take a look some of the reactions from Twitter.

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