Gogo Maweni

Gogo MAWENI. Image via Twitter @gogomaweni

Gogo Maweni accused of witchcraft after taking stroll in a graveyard

Gogo Maweni shared a video of herself in a graveyard in the early hours of the morning and explained that she finds it peaceful.

Gogo Maweni

Gogo MAWENI. Image via Twitter @gogomaweni

South African sangoma Gogo Maweni loves shocking her followers and is seemingly always doing something that raises their eyebrows. Most recently the celebrity Gogo shared a clip of herself taking a stroll through a graveyard at around 2 am in the morning with nothing but eery silence to keep her company.

Her video left many people questioning her motives. Some even wondered out loud whether or not she was doing witchcraft or something just as sinister.

Gogo Maweni takes a midnight walk through a graveyard

Most people stay away from graveyards if they can and will only be caught dead there.

Gogo Maweni – a South African sangoma with a flair for ruffling feathers – seemingly loves graveyards and even visits the home of the dead in her spare time.

Gogo Maweni
Gogo MAWENI. Image via Twitter @gogomaweni

The popular sangoma recently headed online to share a clip of herself casually strolling through a graveyard.

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While she shared that it was almost 3 am, she didn’t disclose exactly what she was doing there.

She captioned the clip:

“Northside chilling. I love graveyards!”.

@drmaweni North side chilling ❤️ I love graveyards PEACE! #maweni #gogomaweni ♬ original sound – Gogo Maweni

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Mzansi jumps to conclusions

A number of people gave the TikTok clip one look and decided not that Maweni must be up to no good.

This comes as no surprise since she was once accused of bewitching the father of her child, troubled actor SK Khoza.

While she denied doing anything of the sort, she certainly didn’t convince anyone after sharing a clip of herself caressing a rather large snake.

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Take a look at some of their comments:

@user4110265033887 said: “The only thing you can do at the cemetery, is witchcraft.”

@Ms Joy COMMENTED: “Graveyard peace with so many spirits in there.”

@Mama we gals commented: “What are you doing at the graveyard @ this time? Wabulala umntu ngoku akakulalisi uyomlalisa. Ndiyoyika.”

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