Gogo Maweni

Gogo Maweni. Image via @dr_maweni/Instagram

Gogo Maweni accused of destroying the reputation of traditional healers

Is social media giving traditional healers a bad rep? Gogo Maweni has been accused of destroying the image of other healers online.

Gogo Maweni

Gogo Maweni. Image via @dr_maweni/Instagram

South African Twitter users have come full force for popular sangoma/traditional healer Gogo Maweni. This is after the famous healer shared a clip discussing of she will deal with any woman who comes near her husband.

Many people found that this kind of control me of men by women and traditional healers is more like witchcraft and is harmful to the practice of traditional healing because of how it affects peoples perception of traditional healers.

Gogo Maweni upsets tweeps with latest clip

“Why are traditional healers so quite about Gogo maweni’s behavior? You guys worked so hard to kill the stigma around traditional healers being associated with Witchcraff

“The association must suspend het certificate. she is destroying the reputation of innocent healers,” wrote on Twitter user, @xavier_101 after watching Gogo Maweni discuss how men can be influenced by certain traditional practices.

The popular sangoma also threatens to unleash the wrath of her ancestors on any woman who comes near her partner.

The clip has left a sour taste in many peoples mouths as they shared that the sangoma is crossing the line between traditional healing and witchcraft.

Watch the clip below:

What Mzansi has to say:

@mpilokhumalo said:

“We have the likes of Gogo Dineo, Mphowabadimo trying to teach society that there’s nothing weird or wrong about traditional healers, and that healers are here to restore balance and healing within black communities. Then you have Gogo Maweni shitting on all of those teachings:slightly_smiling_face:

@oyama said:

“Gogo Maweni is a full blown witch. A witch iyachitha and not build. She is not a healer. Uyathakatha.”

@nampree said:

“Is there any reason why traditional healers are not speaking out against Gogo Maweni? Is it fear? Bc I know they worked really hard to change this narrative that she is putting out.”

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