Locals have taken to dragging Boity online

Image via Twitter @Boity/Twitter

‘Go clean a mall’: Boity trends as SA drags her for slamming govt

Boity Thulo has shared her views on the current turmoil in South Africa. Unfortunately she was soon dragged by frustrated locals…

Locals have taken to dragging Boity online

Image via Twitter @Boity/Twitter

Boity Thulo has become one of the many celebrities who have shared their thoughts on the chaos that has swept over South Africa. In a series of tweets, the TV personality turned rapper expressed her dismay at the way the government has handled the situation so far.

Boity airs her thoughts

Taking to Twitter, Boity basically said that the South African government does not care for its people. She also writes that the current situation here in Mzansi has been coming for a long time.

Not stopping there, Boity then goes on to add how she wishes she could or say something that would make a difference to the many people whose lives have been affected by the looting and rioting.

“The government does not give AF about its people. It’s horrifying and downright depressing! Everything we are witnessing has been a long time coming! I just wish I knew the right thing to say and how to help. Everything we are witnessing makes one feel almost debilitated,” reads one of her tweets.

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Many nod in agreement while others start to drag her

Many locals naturally headed to the comment section to share their views on Boity’s controversial statements. A lot of people joined the curvy media personality in bashing the government.

Others however took to criticising her for tweeting from the comfort of her home. Some even suggest that she go outside and actually get her hands involved in helping remedy the situation.

“Problems with u so-called celebrity u tweet, without suggesting any solution really heroes are on the ground defending their infrastructure and keeping jobs for their community, yes we understand people are unemployed, so destroying property and leaving those who are already employed,” wrote @RdMixture.

“Go clean the mall otlohelle ho bua (stop speaking online) and defending hooligans,” said @most2city.

While @TheKingOfSlay said:

“That’s right…add more fuel to the fire. It’s just what we need”

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