Gigi Lamayne

Rapper Gigi Lamayne has claimed there are rumours she is pregnant.
Image via @gigi_lamayne/Instagram

‘What rumours?’: ‘Half-naked’ Gigi Lamayne’s pregnancy claims

Gigi Lamayne’s pregnancy denial tweet did not go down well in the Twitter streets, with trolls saying they were not aware of any rumours.

Gigi Lamayne

Rapper Gigi Lamayne has claimed there are rumours she is pregnant.
Image via @gigi_lamayne/Instagram

Following Sho Madjozi’s announcement that she is not pregnant, rapper Gigi Lamayne also took to Twitter to address claims about supposed rumours she is pregnant.

However, unfortunately for her, tweeps were not having any of it. The rapper had to face a number of comments in her mentions after she attempted to address claims.

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On Sunday 13 March, the Feelin U rapper announced that she is not pregnant. In a tweet which was accompanied by a picture of the muso in only a lace bra and panty, she wrote, “GUYs I’m NOT pregnant! Gosh, stop with the rumours.”

However, tweeps were left confused, expressing that they had no idea that there were any pregnancy rumours circulating. Meanwhile, others were not impressed with the fact that she shared a picture of herself half naked in order to address this.

“What rumours? ????????,” a tweep asked.

“I promise you, no one ever said you are pregnant. You just wanted to share with us your nudes… We ain’t mad though,” another tweep said.

“Who said you are pregnant Gigi??” another tweep asked.

“She undressed just to address the rumours,” someone else wrote.

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It turns out the hip-hop artist decided to cause a bit of a stir to direct tweeps’ attention to her new song. The Sosobala rapper is dropping a new song with musicians Makhadzi and Busiswa this coming Friday. The name of the song is Mashonisa (translated from isiZulu as “loan shark”).

“I’ve actually been working on this dropping this Friday ! yes, the queen is back!” she wrote, following up on the pregnancy tweet.

Gigi Lamayne also announced that she’s going to “hip-hop back on top again” with her new album that she will be releasing this year.

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