Podcaster, MacG of ‘Podcast and Chill’ says celebrities have never done anything for his show. Image via Twitter @MacgUnleashed

‘Everyone f**k off’: Furious MacG blasts celebs and the cancel culture

Podcaster and radio personality, MacG says he’s proud of his platform and will not be dictated on how to do his job.


Podcaster, MacG of ‘Podcast and Chill’ says celebrities have never done anything for his show. Image via Twitter @MacgUnleashed

Radio personality and podcaster, MacG of Podcast and Chill is spitting fire following last week’s interview with rapper, Jub Jub.  

His interview with the Uyajola 9/9 host blew up after he mentioned his former girlfriend, Amanda du Pont, and is currently sitting on 900k views on YouTube.   


The podcaster has spoken up about the backlash and says he only answers to his +300k subscribers who watch his show religiously.   

He shared a video on his Twitter account yesterday (6 December) and asked:  

“Is it a crime that I am better at my job?”

“When other people sit with other celebrities and they ask questions it’s fine, but I can’t.”

“And the thing is we built this scratch, no funding, no help, no celebrity endorsements, nothing.”  

He continued to say that celebrities haven’t given him anything and that his show is independent and they stick in their own lane.   

The former 947 radio personality also said people only call his show controversial because they’re not used to the truth.  

His co-host, Sol Phenduka then asked him why people hate them so much and MacG answered by saying that he has no idea.  

“We’ve always been out of the industry. I’ve never met Minnie Dlamini, Amanda du Pont or Ayanda Thabethe.”

“I would love for them to come on the show and speak their truth, but will they? No.”  

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MacG was responding to Minnie Dlamini-Jones’s backlash to his interview with Jub Jub where she stated that the interview was the most degrading piece of content.  

Jones continued to say that she wishes she never watched the show, and she couldn’t even watch the entire show.  

TV personality, Ayanda Thabethe also agreed with Jones’ sentiments on social media and said that the show has never respected women.  

MacG also responded to Amanda du Pont’s claims by saying that he does not promote gender-based violence or rape on his show.