Sbu Mpisane

Businessman Sbu Mpisane says there have been for attempts on his life. Image via Twitter @Sino68

‘This is the fourth time’: Sbu Mpisane says people are out to kill him

‘Those men will be back to my house’: MaMkhize’s estranged husband Sbu Mpisane details four attempts on his life.

Sbu Mpisane

Businessman Sbu Mpisane says there have been for attempts on his life. Image via Twitter @Sino68

Businessman Sbu Mpisane — who was married to Royal AM Football Club president Shauwn “MaMkhize” Mkhize — has revealed that the suspects who entered his house in La Lucia on Saturday, 7 January, had entered his house three times before the last incident — News24 reports.

On Saturday, TimesLIVE reported that one person was shot in the leg, while the other two escaped during a shoot-out at the estate.

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The publication reported that a screenshot of a conversation in the local security group revealed the incident took place in the afternoon.

“Did anyone hear multiple gunshots just now?” one resident asked, to which another replied: “Yes I also heard them about 10 min ago. I’m in Zietsman Close. Wasn’t sure if it was gunshots or not. There were quite a few that went off.”


Speaking to News24 about the incident, Mpisane — who is a former policeman — said that this was the fourth attempt on his life.

“This is the fourth time the same suspects have entered my home without my consent. They came after me twice in December, but couldn’t find me and then left.

“In the second attempt… I managed to catch one of the suspects hiding under my bed. I caught him and held him until police arrived.”

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The suspects returned again on Friday, 6 January.

“I noticed a broken window and realised that someone was inside. I then searched for [and found him] in the basement of the house, but when he saw me he ran away immediately when I tried to talk to him,” Mpisane explained.

According to the former Metro police constable, when the three armed men arrived for a fourth time on Saturday, they had used a house key.

“On Saturday when I arrived home I smelt cigarettes and alcohol in the place and I knew there were people inside. When I slowly moved to the lounge area I saw the intruders had been sitting there drinking my alcohol and possibly waiting for me to arrive,” Mpisane added.

Police vehicles outside MaMkhize’s La Lucia estate. Image via @MDNnewss/Twitter


Mpisane also explained that he is not sure who sent the alleged hitmen or why they are trying to kill him.

“They came here with one intention, and that is to kill me. I hope that police are treating this with urgency, because those men will be back to my house. I’ll be ready for them,” he explained.

When news of the shoot-out broke, fans were worriwd about MaMkhize, as it had not been clear that it was Mpisane’s end of the estate that the incident occured in.


Speaking to Daily Sun, MaMkhize distanced herself from the alleged attempted hit.

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“Thank you all for the messages of concern but as you are all aware, I am separated from Sbu Mpisane.

“The incident that took place on Saturday does not involve me or my wing of the estate,” she told the publication.

MaMkhize and Mpisane met in 1991. News of their separation made headlines in 2018.

Together they have Royal AM chairman, footballer and musician Andile Mpisane.

The businessman also has daughter Sbahle Mpisane who was born two years after his relationship with MaMkhize. Although Sbahle is not MaMkhize’s biological daughter, the two have a healthy and happy mother-daughter relationship.

MaMkhize’s La Lucia mansion. Image via Twitter @masekooscar