Bonga Sithole and Sisanda Qwabe-Qoutaud

Bonga Sithole was worried about netizens and Mzansi mocking him in his new documentary on his health journey. Image via Instagram @sisandaq/bonmga_sithole_official

Former street dweller Bonga Sithole on an upcoming life documentary

Sisanda Qwabe-Qoutaud announced that there would be a documentary of Bonga Sithole’s life on a new social media platform.

Bonga Sithole and Sisanda Qwabe-Qoutaud

Bonga Sithole was worried about netizens and Mzansi mocking him in his new documentary on his health journey. Image via Instagram @sisandaq/bonmga_sithole_official

South Africa’s popular former homeless man Bonga Sithole’s and Advocate Sisanda Qwabe-Coutaud have not lost hope for a better life for Sithole. The pair updated Mzansi on 6 January that they would be capturing Sithole’s life and health journey in reformation in a new documentary on social media.


The former homeless man and his good Samaritan Qwabe-Coutaud announced that Sithole would be starting his own social media platform where he would document his journey to sobriety to regaining his life back on the right tracks. The advocate declared that great things would be coming for her new found friend in 2023.


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The former homeless man captivated South African’s with his articulate English vocabulary and was dubbed South Africa’s most articulate homeless man when videos of him speaking circulated on social media last year.

At the end of 2022, Qwabe-Coutaud and Sithole did numerous radio interviews that introduced Sithole to Mzansi and where he spoke about how he had found himself dwelling the streets of Johannesburg.


It seemed everything was looking up for the beloved homeless man until his good Samaritan left the country on business.

Qwabe-Coutaud had checked Sithole into rehab before departing to the United States. But soon after she had left, the the good Samaritan shared that Sithole had discharged himself out of rehab.

Qwabe-Coutaud cried and said she was sad and disappointed by Sithole’s actions.

 “I don’t have good news. Bonga discharged himself from the rehab citing that he has to follow his spiritual calling. He was gone with another patient,’’ said Qwabe-Coutaud.

“He has a job waiting for him, not one job, two jobs that were waiting for him when he comes out in January.”

“I feel so hopeless, especially being out of the country, I don’t know how to navigate this,” she added.

Bonga Sithole and Sisanda Qwabe-Qoutaud
Sisanda Qwabe-Coutaud shared Bonga Sithole’s journey to sobriety would be a documented. Image via Instagram @sisandq

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Many people bashed Sithole on social media and said that they never believed in helping the homeless man to begin with.

When the advocate returned to South Africa, she announced to Sithole’s fans that he was found and shared that he had discharged himself because he was on a spiritual journey at the time. She also pleaded with Mzasni not to give up on Sithole and explained that he had been using narcotics for 15 years and with that, his journey to his sobriety would not be easy.

In the clip, Sithole explained that he was against the drugs that they had prescribed him at rehab because they never made him feel well.

Nonetheless, Qwabe-Cuotaud said she saw something special in Sithole and knew that God had greater plans for him.

“Yes, Bonga left the rehab and it was unfortunate,” Qwabe-Cuotaud shared.

Sithole professed that many people celebrated people’s downfall rather than their comebacks, and said that it was a truly saddening realisation.  

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