Flashback Friday: Tweeps dig u

Tweeps dig up old tweets between Boity Thulo and Cassper Nyovest. Images via Instagram @boity @casspernyovest.

Flashback Friday: Tweeps dig up Cassper and Boity’s ‘in love’ posts

Remember back in 2015 when Cassper Nyovest and Boity Thulo were in love? Tweeps have dug up receipts and ‘it ended in tears.’

Flashback Friday: Tweeps dig u

Tweeps dig up old tweets between Boity Thulo and Cassper Nyovest. Images via Instagram @boity @casspernyovest.

Back in 2015, rapper Cassper Nyovest and media personality Boity Thulo shared the love they had for each other on social media. Tweeps have recently dug up these old posts and started poking fun at the former couple. 


Many may have forgotten that Refiloe Maele Phoolo, professionally known as Cassper Nyovest and Boitumelo Thulo were in a relationship back in 2015. The pair dated for about  a year before calling it quits in 2016 due to “time management” being the issue as they were too busy for each other.

“Yes, we have broken up. We broke up in December, which was last year. I cried about it, I got angry about it, I tried to convince myself that it’s okay, eventually you’re just like life continues,” said Boity to True Love Magazine

“All it was was just time management – one was busier than the other – and it’s just time, that’s all it was,” she continued.

“Not once did I ever feel like he’s cheating on me or giving someone else attention or whatever, there was never a time where I fought about any girl. He was absolutely respectful towards me in terms of his female fans,” she added.

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Tweeps will not let the former couple forget their love as they began retweeting an old post between Cassper Nyovest and Boity. 

“You made me feel so incredibly special. What more can a girl ask for? @CassperNyovestYes, #itsLegit Face,” wrote Boity on Twitter.

Cassper Nyovest was highly infatuated with Boity saying he wants to show her off to the world. 

“@Boity u are a queen. My dream girl. My ultimate. The most beautiful woman in the world. Perfection!!! Wanna show you off to the whole world,” wrote Nyovest.

Cassper Nyovest and Boity in love. Image via screenshot from Twitter.

After ending their relationship, the pair did not delete their old posts as they moved on with their lives. This opened the door for Tweeps to troll their former relationship.


Tweeps had a field day retweeting the old post with hilarious commentary. This must have taken some digging as the post dates back to July 2015. 


Boity continues to support the rapper. When he announced that he was going to be a father last year, Boity retweeted the post, saying “this is so beautiful”. 

For a long time Tweeps believed Boity was romantically tied to media personality Maps Maponyane. After they gave up on the pair who seemed to be better as friends, online sleuths have place Boity and actor Anton Jeftha together.