World Cup

Anouska Santos and Lucia Loi are two English WAGS who have sought professional styling advice ahead of the World Cup in Qatar.
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World Cup: English WAGS warned not to show off figures in Qatar

Goodbye sexy, hello conservative! Fifa World Cup WAGS have been warned to play by the rules in Qatar or face the consequences…

World Cup

Anouska Santos and Lucia Loi are two English WAGS who have sought professional styling advice ahead of the World Cup in Qatar.
Image via Instagram

Typically, football wives and girlfriends (WAGS) are known for showing off their famous figures on social media. But this time, the partners of players participating in the Fifa World Cup in Qatar have been told to cover up or risk being embarrassed by officials.

Qatar – a predominantly Islamic country – is governed by strict guidelines that dictate public morality. 

The World Cup kicked off on Sunday 20 November and will run until 18 December.

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Like the 32 participating countries, players and their WAGS are getting acquainted with life in Qatar – the home for the next month. And for the significant others of England’s national team, that means partying up a storm on a R20 billion luxury liner.

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The football player’s spouses are guests of the MSC Europa – described as a “floating palace”.

But the English women will have to play by the rules of Qatar during their stay. And this means abiding by the fashion police – in this case, authorities keeping watch over what they wear.

According to MailOnline, at least three English WAGS have sought professional help in selecting a wardrobe that meets the dress code imposed by the Arabic country.

The publication reports that UK personal stylist Connie Jones helped style WAGS Anouska Santos, the girlfriend of Luke Shaw, John Stones’s partner Liv Naylor, and Marcus Rashford’s fiancée Lucia Loi for their stay in Qatar.

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Packed in their designer luggage are a wide array of outfit choices – from attending World Cup matches in stadiums to site seeing and even enjoying the nightlife.

MailOnline reports that the women have even brought along their favourite Gucci and Hermes scarves to cover up their famous figures if the need arises.

A source told the publication: “This World Cup is very different from the last one in Russia four years ago when the players’ wives and girlfriends could show off their bodies and figures in items such as denim shorts and skimpy tops.

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“The women know that they are going to be photographed wherever they go and they understand that it helps them on their social media profiles so they have to look the best.

“The last thing they want is to offend anybody in Qatar. They have a lot of self-respect and want to show the same respect to the people there but at the same time enjoy themselves.

“What we are going to see at this World Cup is a new style of WAG. They are going to look amazing everywhere they go”


It’s a widely known fact that Qatari men and women dress modestly in keeping with the country’s strict Islamic rules. For women, this includes a head scarf and a long, flowing traditional dress called an abaya.

According to the Qatar tourism handbook, the dress code of the country states that “visitors (men as well as women) are expected to show respect for the local culture by avoiding excessively revealing clothes in public”.

For the FIFA World Cup, visitors have been instructed to obey the following rules.

Fashion do’s

  • Do keep your shoulders and knees covered
  • Do carry an extra layer of clothing to visit official buildings like museums, shopping malls, or even markets
  • Only wear swimwear at designated hotel pools and beaches
  • Do bring lightweight garments made out of fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk


  • Don’t wear anything revealing, sheer, or tight. Do not show your legs, arms, cleavage, or bare stomachs – this means that shorts, mini-skirts, crop tops, and sleeveless tops are strictly prohibited in public
  • Don’t wear garments with offensive graphics or slogans
  • For the men: Do not remove your shirt at any point in time

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