Lamiez V-Class

Lamiez Holworthy just bought a V-Class! Image via Instagram: @LamiezHolworthy

‘F*cking car!’: V-Class jokes galore as Lamiez Holworthy buys pricey Benz

Lamiez Holworthy just spoiled herself with a Mercedes Benz V-Class and you can bet that the #V-Class jokes were rolling in!

Lamiez V-Class

Lamiez Holworthy just bought a V-Class! Image via Instagram: @LamiezHolworthy

Lamiez Holworthy just surprised all of her fans after she headed online to share that she spoiled herself with an expensive V-Class Mercedes Benz. Taking to the socials, Lamiez shared clips of herself and a bunch of family members at the dealership. Naturally, her post garnered many jokes from social media users who referenced the viral V-Class video from a week ago.

Lamiez Holworthy spoils herself with a V-Class

Just a week ago, V-Class was trending after a man was recorded chasing a young lady out of his expensive Mercedes Benz. As a result, V-Class was at the top of South African Twitter trends for weeks.

And now, local musician and radio DJ Lamiez Holworthy has jumped on the trend by buying herself a V-Class and she seemingly could not be happier.

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Taking to her Twitter page, Lamiez shared a video of herself surrounded by loved ones as the car got unveiled at the Merc Dealership. She captioned the heartwarming post:

“Ngwana wa Badimo (God’s child)…Yesterday I got to tick another box on my bucket list and I’m still in awe. Nna? Just a girl from Pitori wao lwela.”

The jokes start rolling in

Naturally, many of her supporters were super proud and wasted no time congratulating her in the comment section. Of course, a few jokes about the V-Class also followed suit.

“I can’t wait for you to throw me out of your car this dezemba lateng reyeng menateng,” wrote Thula Sindi.

While @DibaOmde said:

“This looks like it’s going to be the first V-Class used for family, as it should. Congrats Lamiez, this is admirable. I like this!”

Ntando also joins the Merc gang

Meanwhile, South African actress Ntando Duma also recently celebrated buying herself a Mercedes Benz. Taking to her Instagram, Ntando gushed over her new car while expressing her gratitude to God.

In a different post, a video shows her granny shedding tears of joy over the achievement.

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