Pearl Thusi parties with Bonang bestie

Pearl Thusi parties with Bonang Matheba’s bestie Toke Makinwa this week
Image via Twitter

‘Hidden agenda’: Is Pearl Thusi forcing a friendship with Bonang’s bestie?

Fake friends? Fans have called out Pearl Thusi after she was seen partying with Bonang Matheba’s bestie, Toke Makinwa.

Pearl Thusi parties with Bonang bestie

Pearl Thusi parties with Bonang Matheba’s bestie Toke Makinwa this week
Image via Twitter

Days after Pearl Thusi was filmed partying with Babalwa Mneno, a close friend of Bonang Matheba, the star has done it again…

This time, the actress and media personality was spotted painting the town red with Nigerian star Toke Makinwa, who is considered one of Bonang’s “best friends” in the industry.

And fans think it’s all very suspect, considering Pearl and Bonang’s long history of having a beef with one another.

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Pearl Thusi and a number of other South African stars, including Kamo Mphela and Busiswa, were seen celebrating Toke’s birthday party in Cape Town this week.

Toke flew into Mzansi to celebrate her 37th birthday along with fellow Nigerian stars Liquorose and Cross Ike.

But Toke and Pearl bonded a little too well, according to loyal fans of Bonang. In fact, many accused Pearl of having a “hidden agenda”.

Bonang fans take a swipe at Pearl Thusi

Instagram page @maphepha_ndaba posted a video of Toke and Pearl on the dance floor and the comments section was filled with shady swipes directed at the actress:

What do they talk about because Pearl is Zinhe’s best friend and Toke is B’s friend…Pearl is too messy.

A friend of my enemy is not my friend. You are allowed to be friends with whoever you want to be friends with BUT being friends with someone who made my life difficult or had a major falling out with me… says a lot about you. 

Pearl will establish friendships with everyone who doesn’t get along with Bonang. As much as the entertainment industry is small, but there’s a pattern with her.

Pearl is obsessed with Bonang stru.

Pearl wants to be friends with B shem, she is forcing friendships with those around B. She needs to grow up.

Leave Bonang out of your pathetic fake life.

On the flipside, a few fans claimed that Toke “did nothing wrong”, and was “allowed” to be friends with anybody she chooses.

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But contrary to the opinions of celebrity fans, Toke and Bonang — who have been likened to “twins” over their resemblance and similar styles —  are still close friends.

Toke posted a video of a bunch of flowers delivered to her from Bonang, who is currently in New York City, on her Instagram Stories.

“Thank you so much bestie. I miss you deep,” Toke captioned the video.

Bonang has sent her “bestie” Toke Makinwa a bunch of flowers for her birthday

And the feeling was mutual. Inside a card accompanying the flowers was a letter from B addressed to T.

“Happy birthday twinny. Have an amazing day. I love you twinny,” read the note.

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