Faith nketsi chanel bag

Faith Nketsi says two of her Chanel bags were stolen. Image via Instagram @faith.nketsi.

Rich people problems: Two Chanel bags stolen from Faith Nketsi!

‘God will bless me with more,’ says Faith Nketsi after not one but two of her Chanel bags were allegedly stolen from her.

Faith nketsi chanel bag

Faith Nketsi says two of her Chanel bags were stolen. Image via Instagram @faith.nketsi.

South African socialite and reality TV star Faith Nketsi has become an unfortunate victim of the country’s unbelievably high crime rates. The Have Faith star took to her Twitter page to share how she had something quite dear and near stolen from her and it was a pretty big and costly steal that has set her bag literally thousands of rands.

South African Twitter users didn’t seem to have any sympathy for the former “pro-twerker” and joked that she may have been robbed by her husband Nzuzo Njilo who is reportedly cash-strapped.

Faith Nketsi opens up about getting robbed

Faith Nketsi went from rags to riches and is definitely living the high life.

In fact, the young reality TV star is so well off that she has had not one but two Chanel bags stolen from her.

Taking to her Twitter page, on Wednesday this week, the star revealed that the pricey purses were taken from her.

Surprisingly enough, Faith didn’t seem too concerned about her bags but rather hoped that they were sold for what they are worth.

“Whoever stole 2 of my Chanel bags, I pray you know the value. I hope you didn’t sell them for peanuts,” she wrote.

She also added that she’s not one to cry over materialistic things.

“God will bless me with more. I can’t cry over materialistic things. There’s more to be grateful for :heart:

Mzansi has savage responses

The post was met with some pretty shady responses from social media users who advised Faith to take her problems elsewhere.

Some even joked that her husband Nzuzo Njilo – who is rumoured to be deep in debt – may have stolen the bags.

@tsembeyi wrote:

“Your husband stole them sisi he wants money for medical aid.”

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