Faith Nketsi removes husband’s surname from IG profile. Images via Twitter: @advobarryroux

Trouble in paradise? Faith Nketsi removes hubby’s surname from IG bio

Faith Nketsi left many of her fans confused after removing her alleged fraudster hubby Nzuzo Njilo’s last name from her IG bio.


Faith Nketsi removes husband’s surname from IG profile. Images via Twitter: @advobarryroux

Faith Nketsi blew everyone away when she shared photos and videos from her wedding. This is because not many knew that the influencer and reality TV star was planning on tying the knot with her businessman boyfriend Nzuzo Njilo. Shortly after the wedding, the star added Njilo to her name on Instagram but last week, removed the name much to the confusion of her fans who didn’t waste any time asking her why she was no longer calling herself Mrs Nzuzo Njulo.

A lot of people, including gossip blogger Musa Khawula, speculated that Nketsi had removed the surname from her bio because of the fraud claims levelled against her new husband.

Faith Nketsi shares why she removed hubby’s last name from bio

Faith Nketsi left her fans worried about her very short marriage to KwaZulu-Natal businessman Nzuzo Njulo after she removed his surname from her Instagram bio.

The move didn’t go unnoticed by fans who took advantage of the Have Faith star’s IG Stories Q&A session.

One of the questions was why the last name was removed and Faith being Faith explained it kindly. According to the curvy rapper, she removed her hubby’s surname because it isn’t on her ID yet.

She says that she will put it back as soon as it’s official. She also added that she wants to “soak the moment” when it does eventually happen.

“Y’all are so observing lol. Well, it’s not on my ID yet. I’ll bring it back after that. I realised I actually want to soak that moment in when it happens,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, here’s what netizens think

@malume_the said:

“In my books here… MACG said the relationship won’t last longer than the amount of time it will take Cassper to show himself at the podcast”

@bonolo said:

“She is just protecting her reputation. Nothing much”

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