Faith Nketsi and Nzuzo Njilo

Faith Nketsi’s man Nzuzo Njilo has allegedly been arrested. Image via Twitter @MusaKhawula

Faith Nketsi’s hubby Nzuzo Njilo reportedly arrested over fraud allegations

Pay back the money: Faith Nketsi’s husband Nzuzo Njilo has allegedly been taken into police custody over R1m fraud allegations.

Faith Nketsi and Nzuzo Njilo

Faith Nketsi’s man Nzuzo Njilo has allegedly been arrested. Image via Twitter @MusaKhawula

South African reality TV star Faith Nketsi’s marriage to Nzuzo Njilo is off to a very rocky start. The former pro-twerker’s husband has been accused of swindling two business associates out of almost R1m and has allegedly been arrested and charged with fraud.

Faith and Nzuzo wed in a beautiful ceremony that took place in the South of Johannesburg on the 10 of April this year.

Faith Nketsi new husband Nzuzo Njilo reportedly arrested

Faith Nketsi’s short marriage to KwaZulu-Natal businessman Nzuzo Njilo hasn’t been a fairytale – in fact, it’s been riddled with scandal.

On 1 May, City Press reported that the Have Faith star’s new hubby has been accused of defrauding his business partners Blaine Evans and James Stephens out of R978 104.

Evans alleged that he and Stephens had made a deal with Njilo to buy copper concentrate from his company, NN Chrome Mining.

“I met him through a mutual friend at Bowl’d Restaurant at Masingita Towers. He told me that he was in the trucking business, and so am I, so I thought: ‘Okay, this is cool.’ He also told me that he owned a chrome mine. We were in steady communication and had another meeting at Tang in Sandton, which he attended with Faith. We talked a little and discussed a few business deals,” Evans told the publication.

After the money was transferred into an ABSA account belonging to Njilo, they waited for the copper delivery which never arrived, Evans alleges.

Meanwhile, Njilo was reportedly served with a court order to pay back the money – but according to controversial gossip blogger Musa Khawula, Njilo has not made the payment and has now been arrested.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, (8 May 2022), Khawula wrote:

“Faith Nketsi’s husband Nzuzo Njilo is reported to be in police custody for fraud allegations.

“This comes after Nzuzo swindled his business partners over R800 000.”

Mzansi shares their thoughts

The post has left Twitter users buzzing as they discuss Njilo and his marriage to Faith.

Others remarked that the fraud charges may just be the real reason Nketsi removed Njilo from her Instagram bio.

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