Faith Nketsi baby

Faith Nketsi defended her baby. Images via Instagram: @faith.nketsi

Faith Nketsi says she never had a BBL after giving birth

Faith Nketsi-Njilo has told tweeps that she never had surgery to get the body she has now after giving birth. “With what time?”

Faith Nketsi baby

Faith Nketsi defended her baby. Images via Instagram: @faith.nketsi

Reality TV star Faith Nketsi-Njilo has denied going under knife to achieve her post-pregnancy body.

This comes after some people on social media speculated that she was among those that decided to slim down by having a Butt Brazilian Lift (BBL) to get the bodies they have always wanted.

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The mother of one took to Twitter to address the speculations that she had a BBL done for a snap back.

“But how are some people saying I did surgery. At what time? Even while taking [you] guys through my whole entire journey! Weeehh lazy people always have something to say,” she wrote.

Faith also shared that in order for her pregnancy weight-gain stretch marks to fade, she used her mom’s essential oils.

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“What on earth did you do because yhoo this little one changed my body for the worst shame. The stretchmarks on my body don’t wanna relocate,” said @Mbalothando8.

“I’m sorry to hear that my love. I used my moms herbal oils through out my pregnancy and after birth. Stay strong and keep moisturized. Whenever u at home and u remember, apply that oil. They’ll eventually start fading with time ❤️❤️❤️,” Faith responded.

Another tweep applauded Faith for sharing her journey with fellow mothers.

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“And I love the fact that you are so honest with your journey. Most mothers still battling with losing weight and stretch marks and this is giving them hope that if they just can be consistent and disciplined they can achieve it✨❤️,” wrote @EvelinahTebogo.

Faith has also shared that “having a baby and still looking good 😭 has to be the best feeling in the world. It feels like I have the best of both worlds”.

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