Faf de Klerk and wife Miné. Image via Instagram @minevanniekerk.

‘Back together’: Faf de Klerk and Miné on their long distance relationship

Faf de Klerk and Miné van Niekerk found their way back to each other after the distance that came with living in different countries.


Faf de Klerk and wife Miné. Image via Instagram @minevanniekerk.

South African rugby player Faf de Klerk and the love of his life Miné van Niekerk have had some struggles with their long distance relationship during the pandemic but have come out stronger.


Faf de Klerk and Miné van Niekerk have been separated for months on end which almost tore their relationship apart. The pair met through mutual friends back in 2015 and Miné reportedly invited him to a wedding thereafter. Their love grew over the years. The pair have been together for six years since.

However, the pair have faced ups and downs during the COVID-19 pandemic due to distance. Faf has been living in Manchester, England since 2017. While Miné is South Africa bound. She works as a pharmacist at her father’s pharmacy in Postmasburg, a town in the Northern Cape. The distance between them resulted in an agreement to just be friends.

“We are so good when we are together, but the long distance makes it difficult,” said Miné to Husigenoot.

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The pair saw each other for the first time in over a year this year when Faf returned to South Africa to play for the Springboks during the British and Irish Lions tour. The tour changed everything for the pair… when Faf prepared to return to South Africa he phoned Miné to find out which of her things he had to bring back and it was as if they had never been apart. 

She joined him while he was isolating at a hotel in Cape Town and they realised they were better together. However, Miné cautions that they will see how it is going to work.

“We are going to see how it works,” says Miné.

Although in an Instagram post from a few days ago, she declared that they were back together!

“Back together!❤️,” she captioned the post.

Faf also posted a picture that included Miné on Instagram a few days ago.

“I owe it my family and team mates to rise up to the call. You know over 3 billion vaccines have been given globally, helping people and communities across the world. If you feel a little fluey after your shot, it’s because the vaccine is working,” he captioned the post.

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