Magdalene Moonsamy ties the knot. Images: John Lekota.

Exclusive: Magdalene Moonsamy opens up about wedding

Attorney Magdalene Moonsamy shared some photos of her magical wedding day exclusively with The South African.


Magdalene Moonsamy ties the knot. Images: John Lekota.

South African attorney Magdalene Moonsamy-Abdulmumit tied the knot to her long-distance partner Jihad Abdulmumit in an Islamic wedding earlier this month – she opened up about her marriage and shared some photos in an exclusive interview with The South African.

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Magdalene Moonsamy–Abdulmumit married activist and educator Jihad Abdulmumit earlier this month in an Islamic wedding at the Turkish Mosque in South Africa. Take a look at some photos from the wedding…

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Where did you meet your husband?

On or about 2020/2021 there was a preparation for an international tribunal re: indicting the US government with genocide of black, brown and ingenious people. I was a chief judge of eight other international judges. My husband was part of the process and we had meetings virtually. And hence we had met formally .

When and how did he propose to you?

I had no idea of his intentions but about a year later we had done some work on peace initiatives in South Sudan and moving toward the end of December 2022 upon my return to SA he asked me telephonically and set the date for three weekends later. It was sudden but we would not have it any other way. It took a lot but it was extremely special.

Your husband is based in the US. Will you be relocating or still South African based?

We both remain committed to the cause of our peoples and we will possibly share time as allowed between both countries. Or I may get him to be here more.

What did you feel was most special about your wedding day?

Everything was special about my wedding day. I had grown so much that day it was amazing. Understanding behaviours and most importantly accepting that one has to remain resilient in all things. I met my husband informally for the first time without expectation and I was pleasantly delighted. It was special that we both knew, without words that we are each other’s keeper.

What made you fall in love with your husband?

His discipline, life journey that built character as opposed to breaking him. He is grounded, principled and strong. His analysis and contribution to education is a foremost ideal of mine as his. He is a man of honour.

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