Dineo Ranaka

Dineo Ranaka unmasked as Diamond on ‘The Masked Singer SA’. Image: supplied

Exclusive: Dineo Ranaka talks ‘The Masked Singer SA’

Media personality Dineo Ranaka opened up about ‘The Masked Singer South Africa’ in an exclusive interview with ‘The South African’.

Dineo Ranaka

Dineo Ranaka unmasked as Diamond on ‘The Masked Singer SA’. Image: supplied

South African media personality Dineo Ranaka was unmasked as Diamond on the latest episode of The Masked Singer South Africa, which aired on S3 (formerly known as SABC 3) on Saturday 8 June.


On the latest episode of The Masked Singer South Africa, Diamond was unmasked as Dineo Ranaka. Before making an impressive show debut, performing Rainbow by Rihanna, Diamond hinted in her clue package that she was multi-lingual. She also disclosed that her parents encouraged her to stand up for what’s right and that some of her best memories included enjoying croissants with Pappa Diamond.

Somizi, J’Something and Sithelo interpreted Diamond’s clues, fancy attire and rock-solid performance at face value. J’Something thought Diamond was a gorgeous activist, which led him to actress and model Amanda du Pont. Despite loving Diamond, Somizi called her a “princess” and “spoilt brat” – who else but his “twin sister” and “the queen of bling”, Khanyi Mbau? Meanwhile, Diamond’s poise reminded Sithelo of the elegant Dineo “Moeketsi” Langa.

However, Skhumba looked at Diamond from a completely different angle. He noticed the sparklers she held in her clue package. According to Skhumba, these burning sticks had nothing to do with New Year’s Eve or birthdays. Instead, it was Impepho, used by traditional healers. So, Diamond was either Latoya Makhene or Dineo Ranaka.

Dineo opened up about her The Masked Singer South Africa experience in an exclusive interview with The South African.


How did it feel to be behind-the-scenes of The Masked Singer SA set?

It felt incredible, it felt new, like unexplored territory, right… it felt foreign. But it felt familiar. It felt familiar because it was not my first rodeo in anything entertainment related. But, it felt really great.

What was it like concealing your identity on set?

Now that was weird, very weird, finding clever ways to conceal (my) identity. The bathroom breaks, were kind of funny also. You know just having this huge faf made around “nobody must know who it is.” That was funny, it was actually quite humorous.

What was it like keeping your secret from your friends and family? Did anyone come close to finding out?

No it was easy. I am very god at keeping things to myself. So, yeah I’m quite the master of that, that was not difficult for me at all. Off all the masks left in the competition.

Off all the masks left in the competition, who do you think is the strongest and why?

Sjoe. The mask that knocked me out was Mielie, I’ve been so busy in the kitchen, I haven’t been keeping up with the episodes. So, I’m not too sure… but can I tell you, this season is a tough one. There is so many talents on that stage, and I know that sound so generic, but there’s so many talents behind those masks. It’s crazy.