The Kiffness has revealed his plans to instal an off-grid solar system in a bid to escape the load shedding woes of Eskom.
Image via Facebook: The Kiffness/Pixabay

Eskom who? The Kiffness forks out over R130k for off-grid solar system

‘They want money’: The Kiffness is hoping to part ways with Eskom for good after revealing plans to instal an off-grid solar energy system.


The Kiffness has revealed his plans to instal an off-grid solar system in a bid to escape the load shedding woes of Eskom.
Image via Facebook: The Kiffness/Pixabay

With no end in sight for load shedding and now a proposed “tariff” for those who use solar energy, Eskom continues to be a bone of contention among South Africans, including popular musician The Kiffness.

The latest blow is a proposal to charge those who utilise solar energy almost R1000 per month to use their grid. This week the energy supplier proposed a new tariff to the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) that would  particularly target those who use alternative energy sources

For solar power users connected to the grid, this would equate to R938 per month – even if they don’t use its electricity.

This, amid Eskom implementing blackouts every day for the last month.


According to Eskom’s new tariffs, solar energy users will be liable to pay R720 more every month in addition to the R218 to remain on the grid.

This forms part of a new fee structure that will bill South Africans irrespective of how much power they use. The new billing system will be split into two – one starting at R938 to remain connected to Eskom grids and in addition, another fee depending on how much energy is used.

According to Eskom, “the aim is not to get additional revenue but to rebalance tariffs in such a way that fixed costs are recovered to a greater extent by fixed charges”.

For solar energy users, going off-grid is just as expensive as it would require a backup utilising a generator to fill batteries, which is reliant on the increasing fuel prices.

Watch Solar USERS on Eskom’s grid to pay R938 video
Those with solar panels but still on Eskom’s grid will pay hundreds of rands more each month in the new proposed power tariffs. Image: Pixabay


Following the announcement of Eskom’s new energy tariffs, South Africans took to social media to complain about the latest 

David Scott – known by his stage name The Kiffness – hit out at the energy supplier.

The outspoken musician posted a series of sarcastic tweets:

“If you use solar & refuse to pay Eskom’s R938 / month tariff, they switch off your sun”

“Apparently sun-shedding is irreversible. Better pay my Eskom tariffs”

“As long as Eskom can keep the sun running, it’s a small price to pay for their service”

“Hopefully the sun will become the first SOE [stae-owned enterprise] that doesn’t spontaneously combust & implode on itself to form a blackhole”

“Same reason SABC makes us pay for TV licenses, even though no one watches their shows. They want money!”


The Kiffness also revealed he had forked out a small fortune to instal a solar system – off the grid – which would see the end to his tumultuous relationship with Eskom.

He tweeted: “Paid deposit for our hybrid solar installation. 12 panels & a 5kw inverter.  If all goes to plan, it should be up & running next month & loadshedding will be a thing of the past”.

When asked how much the system cost, he responded to a tweep: “For the panels, Sunsynk inverter & lithium battery tower you’re looking at around R130k. Labour around R14k. Not cheap, but will probably pay itself off in the long run”.

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