Ennok Mlangeni

Ennok Mlangeni is getting Cassper’s house ready for summer! Images via Twitter @casspernyovest @ennockmartZA

Braais and pool parties? Take a look at Cassper’s summer home revamp

‘The price of my house just went up!’: Cassper is getting ready for summer with stunning pool art by self-taught artist Ennok Mlangeni.

Ennok Mlangeni

Ennok Mlangeni is getting Cassper’s house ready for summer! Images via Twitter @casspernyovest @ennockmartZA

Summer in Mzansi is approaching and what better way to get ready for the warmer weather than giving your “mansion” a revamp?

Rapper and The Braai Show host Cassper Nyovest has embarked on just such a “summer assignment”, getting his house ready for the hottest summer parties with pool art by self-taught artist Ennok Mlangeni.

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The Baby Girl rapper has entrusted Ennok Mlangeni with getting artsy with his pool. Mlangeni has been commissioned to create one-of-a-kind pieces for several A-listers and has shared his exceptional artworks on his social media pages. 

Cassper certainly found the right man for the job. On his Instagram, Mlangeni took his followers through the process of revamping Cassper Nyovest’s swimming pool ahead of the warm summer months. 

Sharing part of the process, Mlangeni wrote: “There is no formula on how I do what I do. I always give it my best, I put all emotions and thoughts on the canvas. My name is Ennok Mlangeni. You don’t know me, I was born to create. 


Cassper also praised Mlangeni’s exceptional work on his Instagram page. The self-taught artist branded the 30-year-old’s swimming pool with “Mufasa’s Casa” and although he hasn’t shared the final results, the pool is just about ready for summer.  

“Like I said, this crib is almost ready for the summer. I’m throwing the hottest Don Billiato parties this summer!!! Artists must support other artists. Got my first Ennok Mlangeni piece and it’s in my pool. The price of my house just went up!!! This was a collab with Loui Lance. The real question is! Will you get an invite?”

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Cassper shared the details of his forthcoming Don Billiato drink in a previous interview. He described it as a “flavoured spirit” and said it was inspired by something that he loves taking shots of. 

“The easiest way is to say it’s a shooter but I like to say it’s a taste of wealth,” he explained. 

The drink is set to be officially released on 17 November.