Black Coffee

Black Coffee and his estranged wife Enhle Mbali. Images via Instagram @realblackcoffee @enhlembali_.

For real? Enhle Mbali gets into swing of things with Black Coffee song [watch]

Fans of Enhle Mbali were in for a surprise when they discovered by pure chance that the ‘Rockville’ actress is still listening to her ex-husband DJ Black Coffee’s music.

Black Coffee

Black Coffee and his estranged wife Enhle Mbali. Images via Instagram @realblackcoffee @enhlembali_.

South African actress and fashion designer Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa surprised her fans after she added her ex-husband DJ Black Coffee’s song to a video she posted on Instagram on Sunday 5 September. 


After the fashion designer was accused of not paying her electricity bill yet again, she revealed that she spent the past weekend in Durban.

Taking to Instagram, the Rockville actress posted a video of herself on a golf course in KwaZulu-Natal. The background music of the video caught the attention of Enhle’s followers who in a heartbeat identified it as a DJ Black Coffee song, featuring Shekhinah. 

Enhle Mbali and DJ Black Coffee have gone through a rather messy divorce. From allegations that the DJ fathered two children with another woman while married to Enhle, to the actress claiming she had been physically abused by him, the former couple’s divorce has been filled with drama.

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Although she did not mention Black Coffee in the post, Enhle acknowledged her ex-husband with the coffee emoji.

“Working on my form. Song by @shekhinahd and ☕️ love the lyrics happy Sunday. #simplylive #simplylove #simplyenhle???????????? #EmpressEnhle,” wrote Enhle Mbali in the caption of her post.

The actress also shared a video of her road trip to KwaZulu-Natal with their two sons.


With all the drama that had been going on between the pair, many of Enhle’s fans and followers took to the comments section to ask her about her listening to the DJ Black Coffee song.

A fan suggested that Enhle will always be a fan of Black Coffee and the actress responded: “My mom just taught me better than that. She taught me love and not hate @makeupgurubongi ever grateful.”

When a follower asked Enhle if she missed Black Coffee, she replied: “Nope, do you?”. 

‘Please pray for something more meaningful’

A fan of the couple wrote a sweet message about how she prays that they find a way to reconcile and the actress fired back asking the fan to please pray for something more meaningful.

“I’m still praying for you and black coffee to get back together, somehow I see hope in (you) too,there are (people)l who lost hope in marriage when (you) guys (separated). I hope God (intervenes) and makes (you) guys work (because) it’s obvious the love is there, I feel there is so much interference in ur marriage,” wrote @ponomogale. 

“@ponomogale please don’t, pray for something more meaningful,” replied Mbali.

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