Elton Jantjies

Elton Jantjies has clapped back at Zeenat Simjee’s denial of their alleged affair.
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Elton Jantjies claps back at Zeenat’s denial: ‘She knows the truth’

Elton Jantjies expressed his annoyance after Springboks dietician Zeenat Simjee continued to deny their alleged romantic relationship.

Elton Jantjies

Elton Jantjies has clapped back at Zeenat Simjee’s denial of their alleged affair.
Images via Instagram
@eltonjantjies/Facebook @zeenatimaans

Elton Jantjies – the married Springboks flyhalf accused of having an affair with team dietician Zeenat Simjee – has clapped back at her denial of their romantic relationship.

The father-of-three responded to a statement by Zeenat’s lawyer last week, who claimed that the scandalous situation was a “case of mistaken identity”. Through her representative, Zeenat has claimed that a woman who looked strikingly similar to her was at the centre of a love triangle with the athlete.

Elton Jantjies is married to Iva Ristic, who has since expressed her desire to divorce him.

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Speaking to Rapport, Elton claimed that Zeenat Simjee’s statement was far-fetched. He said: “As I confirmed to my wife, I did have a relationship with Zee (Zeenat). There is only one Zee”.

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Elton – who is currently in Turkey with his wife and children – also expressed his annoyance that Zeenat continues to deny their relationship.

He added: “I don’t have to prove that Zee and I were more than friends. She knows the truth”

Earlier this month, Elton came clean to the public about his extra-marital affairs in an interview with News24.

He told the publication: “I know my actions have caused a great deal of pain to everyone. Especially my wife who has always been by my side. I have apologised to her and have made it my mission to make it up to her for as long as I live”.

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And over the weekend, Elton shared several pics on his Instagram account of his wife and children. And his followers commended him for not only admitting to his mistakes but also attempting to earn the trust and forgiveness back from his family.


In September, Elton Jantjies and Zeenat Simjee made headlines after an eyewitness spotted them at a guesthouse in Mbombela a month earlier. According to reports, the duo were accused of having a romantic relationship after being spotted amid the Springboks’ Rugby Championship match against the All Blacks in Mbombela.

At the time of the report, the Springboks were in Argentina, and both Elton and Zeenat were sent home.

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Later that month, Zeenat released a statement vehemently denying the allegations. In it, she stated that she was at a family engagement during the time of the alleged hotel tryst. She later returned to work and is believed to now be with the Springboks team amid their end-of-year European tour.

Speaking to Netwerk24 on Tuesday 15 November, Zeenat Simjee’s lawyer Frikkie Erasmus claimed that the woman seen with Elton Jantjies was not his client. He added that the woman closely resembled the dietician and was mistaken for her.

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He told the publication: “It was a case of mistaken identity. She was not there”

Erasmus added that they are aware of the woman’s identity but have chosen not to disclose it. He continued: “There are many similarities between her and Zeenat. However, it wasn’t her.”

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