Billionaire Elon Musk went from being bullied in Pretoria to buying Twitter. Image: Getty Images.

‘De-feeted’: Foot fetishists give Elon Musk’s feet a thumbs down

Elon Musk seemingly has everything a man could dream of…except good feet. The billionaire recently scored poorly on a foot fetish website!


Billionaire Elon Musk went from being bullied in Pretoria to buying Twitter. Image: Getty Images.

Elon Musk has proven himself to be quite the barefooted ranger and who can blame him, everyone loves to free their feet from time to time. Unfortunately for the billionaire not many people like seeing his 10 toes on camera.

Foot fetishists not impressed with Musk’s feet

One person obviously can’t have it all and it seems like the one thing that Musk doesn’t have is feet to die for. That is, according to WikiFeet, a website dedicated to sharing and rating the feet of both celebrities and everyday civilians.

Musk, who never shies away from showing off his lower extremities, has found his feet on the site and foot lovers were not in love.

‘Money can’t buy you nicer feet’

We can’t say that Musk wasn’t asking for the criticism after he was spotted once again showing off his feet in a snap he took with fellow billionaire and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson who launched his very own space craft, the Virgin Galactic, on Sunday 11 July.

Shortly afterward, a close-up of his feet was shared on the site where it received a usual rating out of five. While one would expect that an overachiever like Musk to get a pretty high rating, he did not. Musk’s feet scored a putrid 2,65.

Feet lovers share their thoughts on Musk’s trotters

20ceansvibe reports that many fetishists were not at all reluctant to share what they thought about Musk’s feet. While many of them noted that the snaps available of his trotters were not clear enough, others shared how it was simply a big no from them.

“One of the few places on the internet where [Musk’s] not critically acclaimed,” read one comment.

Richard Branson’s feet take the cup

Richard Branson seems to be doing a lot of winning these days. When he isn’t taking his own vessel into space, his “pretty” feet are getting higher ratings than his buddy Elon Musk. Not surprisingly, his feet even scored better than those of Jeff Bezos, another billionaire whose feet was scored on the website.

While Bezos beat Musk with his rating of 3.15, Branson knocked the ball out of the park with a score of 3.33.

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