Elon Musk spotted shirtless while on vacation in Greece in July. Images via Twitter @WUTangKids @FriendEden100.

Shirtless in Mykonos: Elon Musk calls viral snaps ‘motivation to hit gym’

Shame man, Elon Musk says that the viral shirtless photos may just be all the motivation he needs to hit the gym and eat healthier.


Elon Musk spotted shirtless while on vacation in Greece in July. Images via Twitter @WUTangKids @FriendEden100.

South African-born US-based billionaire Elon Musk was recently photographed enjoying some sun on a yacht in Greece Mykonos. The photos instantly went viral as many people discussed the SpaceX and Tesla CEO’s physique. While many people resorted to body-shaming the tech genius, he took all of the jabs and jokes in his stride and made a few of his own over the last few days.

While he initially joked that he should get people used to his body by taking his shirt off more often, he has now joked that the snaps have been motivation enough for him to hit the gym.

Elon Musk jokes about ‘hitting the gym’ following viral snaps

Father of 10 Elon Musk definitely has the body to show it. The 51-year-old recently enjoyed a mini-vacation in Mykonos alongside William Morris Endeavor boss Ari Emanuel and his new bride Sarah Staudinger on their luxury yacht near the Greek island.

Photos of him lathered in suntan lotion with his shirt off went absolutely viral causing a social media frenzy as many people joked about his body.

Musk has taken all of the jokes with a pinch of salt and even made a few jokes of his own.

“Haha damn, maybe I should take off my shirt more often … free the nip!! (already back in the factory btw),” Musk tweeted on Monday this week after the snaps went viral.

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More jokes and a ‘healthy’ realisation

On Thursday, he once again displayed his healthy sense of humour when @WholeMarsBlog tweeted;

“According to new CDC guidelines anyone posting a shirtless pick of @elonmusk to make fun of him must also post a shirtless pic of themselves for comparison.”

Musk responded that the photos have been a bit of motivation for him to hit the gym and eat healthily.

“Tbh, it’s good motivation to work out, eat healthier & maybe take my shirt off outside more than once a year haha,” Musk joked in response.